3 Ways to Show the Love with Video

3 Ways to Show the Love with Video

We all know how powerful video is at conveying information quickly and in an engaging way; but, it crucial to remember that the most powerful thing about video is its ability to connect with viewer’s emotions, take them on a journey, tell them a story, and create engagement between them and your brand in a meaningful way.

Excitement, appreciation, passion and love are all feelings that can be captured with video and shared in a way that truly connects with your audience of potential clients, customers and overall community. Video is the best way to not just tell them, but show them.

Here are three wonderful ways to share the love, and show the love using video:

1. Show the love among your staff & community

People are what make a business or brand successful, so it’s a powerful thing to show the passion and excitement that exists among your staff, but also within your community of supporters.

Bio videos allow employees to show why they love what they do, and it shows that you as a company appreciate them as part of your business, which is a sentiment that does not go unrecognized by all viewers: Mini-documentary style videos are an incredible way to capture the emotions that exist within your target audience. A video like this one engages viewers emotionally and prompted them to take part in a complete campaign to gift a family with a home makeover:

2. Show the love for your craft

Passion and excitement are infectious emotions that help create interest but also trust in your product or service.

A video like this one includes no words. It lets the visuals speak for themselves and gives the viewers a look at the intricate process and craftsmanship that goes into the product:

3. Show the love your clients and community have for your business

Testimonials are one of the most powerful video marketing tools, showing the love clients have for your business. If you have satisfied customers and clients showing you love and appreciation, why not show that to others so they can have a greater understanding of what you do and how you help people?

Check out our newest testimonial video:Likewise, interviews with people who have insightful stories can help show a deeper level of how your business helped them and how it helps others. Engaging stories show us the love that is an integral part of your company or brand.

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