4 Tips For Creating Captivating Video Content On A Budget

4 Tips For Creating Captivating Video Content On A Budget

Learn the secrets – How experts master video content on a budget!

The human brain processes visual information quicker than other type of content. Given the inclination toward visual content, it’s not surprising that video has become one of the most effective tools for marketers. Producing video content often comes with a price tag, preventing small businesses from leveraging the power of video marketing. However, it is possible to generate cost-effective video content for marketing purposes. This article discusses some ideas to make budget-friendly marketing videos.

Create Animated Videos

  • Consider using animated videos for your video content marketing to avoid the expense of hiring actors and a costly camera crew. Animated videos are popular and more straightforward to produce than other video formats. Additionally, user-friendly tools are available for animating your video content marketing.

While the best animation tools typically require a paid monthly subscription, they offer premium features such as incorporating your brand’s elements, like colors and logos, into your videos. These tools also provide convenient sharing options, making posting your video on social media easy. Many leading brands, like Starbucks, utilize animated videos to engage their customers. For instance, Starbucks created an animated video illustrating the coffee blending process.

Use Your Smartphone

  • The most budget-friendly video production tool is right in your pocket. YouTube’s top influencers create impressive content with their smartphones. It is a cost-effective method to cut down your marketing expenses. Most smartphones come equipped with high-quality built-in cameras that can be utilized for creating video marketing content.

Consider the following tips to make the most of your smartphone when generating content:

Use a Tripod

  • Ensure you use a tripod when shooting from an elevated position. Several affordable options are available online if you need a tripod for your video shoots.

Stay Near the Phone

  • Smartphones are not equipped with powerful microphones. This can impact the audio quality of your video if you do not remain near the phone while recording.

Use Your Customer Base

  • Customers are a valuable resource for video content marketing. You can invite satisfied customers to share their experiences with your products through videos and then share this content on your social media platforms. User-generated content (UGC) can assist you in gaining the trust of potential customers who haven’t yet tried your products and can boost your lead generation. Reviews and recommendations from real people are trusted more than any other type of brand promotion.

Therefore, setting up a UGC strategy is a cost-effective way to show your success in managing customer experiences. Your customers create the content; you only need to share it on your social media pages. For instance, a women’s apparel brand leveraged user-generated content to connect with its audience. They encouraged customers to share photos of themselves wearing their products to be featured on the brand’s Instagram page.

Use Screen Recording Tools

  • video content on a budgetIf you need to show how your software operates to your customers, utilizing screen recording software is a budget-friendly solution. Most of these software options are free and enable you to record your screen as you demonstrate the functionality of your product.

Explainer videos are the most prevalent type marketers produce, making up 74%. 96% of individuals watch explainer videos to grasp the intricacies of various products and services.

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