6 Proven Ways Video Marketing Helps Businesses Grow

6 Proven Ways Video Marketing Helps Businesses Grow

Video marketing has undoubtedly become a powerful addition to the business promotion toolkit. For burgeoning businesses, video marketing is a highly advantageous method for engaging with the intended audience and expanding their brand. With 54% of consumers expressing a desire for branded video content from businesses and 55% of individuals consuming video content instead of just skimming through it, the potential of video marketing cannot be disregarded. It is rapidly growing and will reach new heights sooner than expected. However, you might still have some doubts. Is it worthwhile to think about using videos to promote your business ? Do you have the resources to create and use video content in your marketing? We have listed compelling ways this versatile and profitable digital marketing tool can take your business to new heights. Keep reading to explore the details.

Connects Businesses with Thriving Audiences

marketing through video content Video content rapidly grows, remains highly relevant, and offers an enjoyable user experience. YouTube is one of the largest search engines worldwide, trailing just behind Google. A massive user base of around 1.9 billion accesses YouTube every month. This figure accounts for nearly one-third of all internet users, translating to over a billion hours of video being watched daily.  You can tap into a huge pool of potential customers by including video marketing in your strategy. This means embracing the video trend can undeniably result in considerably more interactions. For instance, research indicates that adding videos to product pages can lead to a staggering 144% increase in purchases.

Enhances Visibility on Google

Creating optimized videos results in discoverability through Google’s search algorithms. You drive organic traffic by investing effort in creating and optimizing videos for search engines. Optimization involves:

  • Selecting an appropriate video platform.
  • Creating compelling thumbnails.
  • Ensuring the hosting page is relevant and SEO-optimized.
  • Crafting captivating titles and descriptions.

Although the task may seem overwhelming, the outcomes are rewarding. You can include links within your videos and their descriptions if you are uploading on YouTube. This can guide viewers to your website and drive traffic. However, it’s crucial to be cautious when using links. Overloading your videos with numerous links or ads may drive viewers away, rendering your marketing approach less effective.

Supports Branding and Consumer Confidence

Video has the exceptional ability to establish branding and foster consumer trust. It offers a personal, holistic, and captivating connection quicker than written text. However, these two mediums should work harmoniously to show your organization as knowledgeable, resourceful, relatable, and human. Video marketing is an effective tool in achieving these goals. Delivering additional content from genuine sources, be it yourself, colleagues, or employees, in an authentic and down-to-earth way can build trust more effectively.  This is the essence of inbound marketing : nurturing consumer trust to foster enduring relationships. Ultimately, the objective is not merely the sales but also to educate and inform. Employee interviews and behind-the-scenes shots offer incredible ways to show the human side of your business. Such videos increase engagement and build a bond between your business and prospective customers.

Takeaway Note

The rise of video marketing has become an undeniable force that demands businesses’ attention. Along with considerable growth, video offers engagement, trust-building, and lasting relationships. So, partner with experts to bring your brand story to life in a truly unforgettable way.

Enhances Conversions and Drives Sales

  • Videos have the potential to boost your business success significantly. Adding a product video on your website’s landing page can result in a remarkable 80% increase in conversions. In addition, if you work with a professional video production agency , the experts ensure that the video works well regardless of the category in which you deploy it. Moreover, videos can directly influence sales.

Research indicates that 74% of users who watch an explainer video detailing a product or service are more likely to purchase. Most information transmitted to our brain is visual since it is our dominant sense. Given that static images can already enhance engagement, the potential impact of moving images on your business is even more remarkable. Thus, it’s high time to incorporate captivating product videos into your brand strategy.

Video Marketing Drives Social Engagement

  • The annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report revealed that in 2015, 60% of social marketers incorporated video content into their strategies, and an impressive 73% of respondents had intentions to do so in 2016. In addition, social media platforms also actively encourage video content through their innovative features. Facebook introduced 360° Video, Live Video, and Lifestage (a video-focused app for teenagers). Instagram introduced 60-second Videos and Instagram Stories, Twitter launched Periscope, while YouTube stands as the second most popular global social network.

However, video marketers need to recognize within the social media context that people are drawn to emotions, not just facts. An impressive 76% of users will share a branded video with friends if it proves entertaining. Therefore, creating enjoyable and entertaining videos is crucial for stimulating social shares. While emotions may not be directly tied to return on investment (ROI), the shares on social media can significantly enhance traffic to your website, and from there, the possibilities are vast.

Delivers Impressive Return on Investment (ROI)

  • 83% of businesses say that video delivers a substantial return on investment. While video production may not be the simplest marketing technique, the rewards are significant. In addition, online video editing tools are continually advancing and becoming more budget-friendly.

Interestingly, even a smartphone is capable of producing quite decent videos. However, when it comes to videos, content is what matters the most. Recent studies highlight that viewers are swayed by videos that fail to explain the product or service adequately. Surprisingly, low video quality and design have a significantly lower impact.


  • Video advertising is increasingly becoming affordable and widespread. This growth is fueled by technological advancements and its ability to spread the message across the globe quickly. Crafting marketing videos for your business necessitates combining creativity and insights into human psychology. Therefore, hiring a video marketing agency can help you create emotionally resonant and creative videos that promote your products or services online within days.

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