5 Corners Video Production Companies Say You Should Never Cut

5 Corners Video Production Companies Say You Should Never Cut

Proper planning and execution are critical to the success of every video production, and video production companies can help you explore your goals, strategy and budget at the beginning of the video production process.

Video production companies know what a significant investment in time and money the whole production process will be, and can guide your investments into the areas that will benefit you the most. An in-depth look at your project will be helpful as you move on to the production and post-production phases.

video production companiesIdentifying opportunities to save on time or budget is a natural part of the pre-production process, and while it’s tempting to want to cut corners, you don’t want to cut the quality right out of your video production.

Here are 5 corners video production companies would advise you to never cut in your video production:

1. Video Production Crew

It’s easy to assume that the size of the crew video production companies use can be cut down. But, there are specific jobs that need attention, and nothing is more detrimental to a production than the confusion and disorganization that comes from over-extending your crew.

video production companiesDepending on the size and scope of your video production, production companies may really need any number of these specialists on set:

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Camera Operators
  • Specialty Equipment Operators
  • Production Assistants
  • Wardrobe, Hair or Makeup Stylists
  • Set Designers
  • Script Supervisors
  • Assistant Directors or Producers
  • Grips
  • Audio Engineers

Experienced video production companies should be able to talk through your production ideas with you, and advise on recommended number of crew members necessary for a successful shoot.

IMG 00382. Production and Post-Production Time

It can also be tempting to try to rush a project, thereby under-estimating the time required to perform a thorough production.

video production companiesThe Production phase is the execution phase that involves filming and recording of footage and audio, and the quality and completion of your project can be compromised greatly if there is not enough time for adequate planning or if the crew is forced to rush.

video production companiesThe Post-Production or editing phase is the time it takes to bring all footage, audio, and other visual assets together to start forming the final video product.  It takes time to review all footage, select the best options and then work them together in the best way possible.

Many times, project details can evolve or change throughout the planning and production process, so as you enter Post-Production, you can also re-evaluate the hours allotted to the project. It’s always wise to over-estimate early on, as there are frequently unexpected challenges to any production.

video production companies3. Casting Professional Talent

It’s easy to think you can recruit friends or co-workers to take part in your video, instead of paying professional actors. Occasionally this can work, but it’s rare and not a recommended strategy.

It usually requires taking more time to prep and coach them, and this can decrease the range and quality of footage you end up capturing on film.  It’s better to cast professional talent.

video production companiesProfessionals are well practiced and arrive ready to bring a variety of intonations and personality traits to their roles. This increases the overall production value in a big, big way! While casting professionals adds some costs to your budget, you’re guaranteed to receive better options of footage to work with in future editing phases.

video production companies4. Styling Professionals

The appearance of individuals on camera is one of the most important aspects of a video production. You might think that professional acting talent or extras will cater to their own appearance in preparation for being on camera, but relying on them to look professional, stylish or ‘on brand’ is a mistake that can negatively affect the entire project.

video production companiesEvery detail of a person’s appearance becomes magnified and seared into the minds of the viewer, affecting their perception of your brand or project. It’s best to ensure everything is taken care of by beauty and style professionals and under the guidance of your creative director or producer.

video production companies5. Locations and Props

Visual details like locations and props are easy to try to overlook, the appearance and functionality of your filming location can also directly affect the success of your production or the viewer’s perception of your brand.

video production companiesFor example, perhaps you want to save on a location budget, so you offer your own home to film in. First, it will need to look right for the production and reflect the right image. Next, it will have to accommodate the production, considering:

  • The number of people on set, from talent to clients to production crew
  • The amount of equipment being moved in and out and set up
  • The heat caused by many people working and using lights
  • If there are children participating
  • If there is air conditioning
  • Use of facilities, bathroom, kitchen
  • If there is break-room space for those not currently being filmed
  • And much more

Once you consider these details, it might certainly be worth it to rent a location that suits your production well, or to reserve a studio space that will work as well.

video production companiesConclusion

If you’re feeling exhausted by all of these new things to think about as you plan your next video production, I don’t blame you one bit! Video productions come with quite a few very detailed aspects to be considered and allotted for in the budget. It can be hard to know where you can save and where your investment counts the most.

Video production companies can help lead you through the budgeting process quite thoroughly, from start to finish, so that they can help clarify and manage all of these very important details. Talk to your video production companies about the corners you don’t want to cut, and see how they can help you make the most of your video production budget.

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