5 Corners Your Video Production Company Should Never Cut

5 Corners Your Video Production Company Should Never Cut

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When considering or preparing for a video production for your business or brand, you’ll undoubtedly go over many details with your video production company, including: concept, timeline and, of course, budget.

While you and your video production company collaborate to create a solid plan that works within your budget, it can be tempting to want to cut certain corners to see if you can save small amounts here and there that may add up to a larger sum. However, in many cases cutting corners can result in incurring greater problems or deficiencies rather than amounting to a great savings.

So, while it’s tempting to slash costs, you’ll want to avoid slashing the quality, efficiency and effectiveness from of your video production. To help you keep quality in your production where it counts the most, here are 5 corners you and your video production company should never cut:

The Number Of Crew Members

If you are less familiar with the process of video production, or have not experienced it first hand, it may be natural to assume that it’s as easy as your imagination presents. It can be very easy to think that the number of crew members a production company recommends using can be cut down and the product still achieved.

DSC00080However, the opposite is true. There are specific jobs that each crew member should have clear focus on. Otherwise, being short-staffed can cause confusion and disorganization. Minimizing distractions and having the right crew members to perform each specialized task is essential to running an efficient and successful video production.

Production and Post-Production Time

It can be tempting to try to rush the actual filming and editing time allotted for a production, especially if in the beginning you feel you just want “something simple”.

Even ideas that you think are “simple” may involve multiple components that take time to film and edit just right.  In each of the three main phases of production, time is critical toward getting everything done right:

  • Pre Production: Don’t under-estimate the time needed for proper planning, writing, gathering or building props, booking and coordinating locations and talent, or even helping on-camera subjects to prepare and rehearse.
  • Production: Your project can suffer if proper filming hours are underestimated. Equipment load-in and set up alone can take some time to be done correctly and safely!
  • Post-Production: It takes time for editors to watch through all filmed footage and start marking off the best segments for use, then to start weaving those shots together into a final product. Remember that in post-production, the editing also incorporates the audio, music and any special effects. This is where the whole project really comes together; time allotted for post-production should never be underestimated.

Casting Professional Talent

It’s easy to think you can pull in friends and amateurs to take part in your video production, rather than paying professional actors. Sometimes this can work, but most of the time it ends up taking more time to coach them, and can decrease the range and quality of footage you end up capturing. It’s often very beneficial to cast professional talent.

DSC00122Professionals arrive ready to bring variety to their roles. This increases the overall production value in a big, big way! Professionals may add some costs to your budget, but you’re guaranteed to get more options of footage to work with in future editing phases. That is worth the investment!

Professional Makeup and Wardrobe Stylists

You might think that professional acting talent or extras will cater to their own appearance in preparation for being on camera, but relying on them to look a certain way (professional, stylish or in character) is a mistake that can affect the entire project.

commercial production njThe appearance of people you show in your video is so important, because viewers pick up so much information by identifying with who and what they see. Every detail of a person’s appearance becomes magnified and seared into the minds of the viewer, affecting their perception of your brand or project. It’s best to ensure everything is taken care of by beauty and style industry professionals.

Setting and Props

Details like setting, scenery and props can sometimes be seen as frivolous, but just like the appearance of people in your production, the appearance of the setting can also directly affect the perception of the viewer.

DSC00083First, you must have a proper-looking location, whether it’s a coffee shop, an office, a home, a ballpark, or a shopping mall. Location scouting takes time and can involve a fee to rent a desired space. Buying or making props to stage the area with can also take time and involve some costs. But, scrimping on these details can be detrimental to your project.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of these details as you plan your next video production, I can totally understand! This is why a video production company’s expert staff should be able to lead their clients through the process so thoroughly, and help clarify and manage all of these very important details.

It’s these details that make your production worth filming, and your film worth editing into an impactful video or film, so it’s in your best interest to work with a video production company that won’t cut these very important details from an already efficient production plan.

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