6 Qualities of a Great Company Culture Video

6 Qualities of a Great Company Culture Video

A company culture video is a great piece of video content for any business to have, because it serves multiple purposes easily! First, it’s a great type of video for attracting new hires. Give them a look “behind the curtain” at the people who work there and what life is like for employees on a daily basis.

Company culture videos are also great for prospective clients to see. It gives them a look at your brand personality, how you treat your own employees and the company values that are integral in the business.

And of course, like all high-quality video content, it enhances your brand image, helps retain visitor interest on your website and helps you engage with viewers on your social media pages or other online community sites.

Every business should have a company culture video, and here are 6 qualities they should have to be enjoyable and effective!

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Make Them Friendly

The tone of your video is of course up to you, and it’s an important reflection of your brand image; But every business can have different levels to their brand personality and a company culture video is a great way to show what’s behind the facade.

Making a video friendly can mean everything from making it silly and fun to making it more warm, casual and relaxed. This type of video is a great complement to other more conservative or straightforward pieces of content you may already have, and can help engage viewers in a new way.

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Tell a Story

Storytelling is always a powerful way to connect and convey information that truly resonates with your viewer. Tell a powerful story that relates to the company mission or to the core culture of its people.

Perhaps there are success stories employees can tell about how they helped customers. Perhaps there is a story about why the company does what it does, and how passionate its employees are about this service.

Or, perhaps there’s a story about a charitable cause your company supports, and the efforts that collectively make a difference in the world. Powerful stories like this make for the best, emotionally-gripping content.

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Show Personality

There are so many ways to capture real people’s personalities on camera, such as using fun interview questions, creating a relaxed filming atmosphere, or by filming at an event where there is a lot of natural excitement or motivation to be captured.

An experienced producer can help plan for ways of capturing people at their best, and can help coax them on set to bring out their unique personalities.

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Share Your Mission

Video excels at evoking or creating emotion, and it’s one of the reasons why video is the most powerful form of marketing content around! So, instead of just showing your company culture in action each ordinary day, show how everyone associated with the company is united by a greater mission.

Show how your company is larger than the sum of its parts, and the greater mission achieved by its existence and operations. These missions could be related to charitable causes, increasing awareness of issues or solutions; or, could be related to environmental, societal or other great causes.

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Make Them a Series

Shorter content is really the best way to capture and hold viewer attention these days, and it can be tough to encapsulate everything you want to say about your company in just one short video. So…make it a series!

Create multiple short videos that can be published over time as a campaign, and can serve as powerful social media marketing tools as well (especially if they’re humorous). Your series could be done in a variety of ways:

• Each could interview a different type of employee with the same questions or focal points about the company.
• Each could feature a different success story related to core values.
• The series could be united by some creative theme or campaign wording.
• Each could be about totally different topics, from: a day in the life of an average employee, an annual charity event, a holiday gathering, or the best client success stories…the list is endless!

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Having a variety of footage that is edited into various final videos is an effective and efficient way to utilize the time and financial investment of filming and editing. It’s a great way to extract a variety of different content pieces for different purposes, like:

• 1-2 minute videos for live presentations, recruitment meeting or landing pages.
• :15 – :30 second videos for social media feeds or online professional profiles.
• Videos that make sense to link to certain employees email signatures.
• Short videos that can double as digital ads for recruitment events or general advertising.

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Make Them High-quality

While a company culture video should be a little more fun and relaxed than some of your other content, that does not mean that it should look homemade or sound terrible.

No one enjoys watching a video with poor lighting, bad echo-ey sound and boring pacing. Professional filming techniques are important, especially when it comes to portraying the essence or personality behind your business.

It should look good, be properly lit, filmed with HD or better quality cameras and be edited by professionals who can take out the “um’s” and “ah’s”, and edit together the best content.

To achieve all of the above tips easily, it’s really best to work with an experienced team who knows how to make this content look professional and work to its fullest potential.

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