6 Things That Can Affect the Cost of Your Video Production Project

6 Things That Can Affect the Cost of Your Video Production Project

Because no two video production projects are the same, there are several factors that can determine the overall cost of your video; here are six things that can affect the cost of your video.

It’s no secret that video production is an investment of both time and money. Creating a high-quality video requires the experience, technical skills, attention to detail, and creativity that a professional video production company can provide. And because no two video production projects are the same, there are several factors that can determine the overall cost of your video. Here are six things that can affect the overall cost of your video production project.

1. Time

Everything in video production takes time. During pre-production, for example, it takes time to discuss what you want to achieve with your video production project and nail down the logistics for the project, such as setting a schedule for filming, editing, and the due date for delivering your finalized project. Depending on the scope of your project, your producer and the production team need time for the following:

  • Scheduling and holding casting auditions and callbacks
  • Scouting locations
  • Writing the script
  • Purchasing and/or building props and set pieces
  • Booking a studio
  • Scheduling additional crew members, including hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylists

Regardless of how complex your video production project is, your producer will need time to organize the particulars for your video to ensure everything runs smoothly during production and post-production.

2. Size of the Crew

It’s important to have the appropriate crew on hand to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of your video production project. You may be tempted to try to lower the overall cost of your video by limiting the number of crew members, but everyone we bring to set is important. We hire only essential crew members for each video we produce, which can include:

  • Your producer
  • The director
  • Camera operators
  • Production assistants (PAs)
  • Audio specialists
  • Lighting specialists
  • Hair and makeup artists
  • Wardrobe stylist(s)
  • Script supervisor
  • Creative director(s)

3. Equipment

Most video production companies will have high-quality cameras as well as lighting and editing equipment. Depending on the size and type of video production project you want to create, your production team may need to rent additional and/or specialized equipment, such as audio and lighting gear and higher resolution cameras.

4. Locations

The location used for your video production project is so important. The setting for your video ensures it looks authentic — an unrealistic or poor-quality setting can lessen the overall effect of your video. You can choose to scout your location or rent a studio and build a set. You’ll need to budget for location and studio rentals fees, or for the cost of building materials and additional props if you want to create a set from scratch. If you have a location in mind that you want to use for your video, let your producer know ahead of time so they can schedule a site visit to plan out the creative and technical logistics of your shoot.

5. Music and Stock Graphics and Footage

If you want to purchase stock footage or images, it will take time for your producer, creative director, and other production team members to search for the best stock files for your video production project. Each stock file — whether it’s a photo, video clip, or audio/music file — will need to be purchased for your project. Keep in mind that, depending on where you’re planning on posting and sharing your finished video, you may need to pay additional licensing fees.

6. Animation

From custom opening and closing graphics to original characters and 3D images, animation can greatly impact the overall cost of your video. The complexity and type(s) of animation your video production project requires will determine how much of your budget will need to be allocated to cover animation.

Need help determining the overall cost of your video production project? The Grey Sky Films production team is here to help! We have nearly 20 years of experience creating an efficient and exciting video production experience. Contact us today to talk about your next video!

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