The Impact NYC Commercial Production Companies Can Have on Your Business

The Impact NYC Commercial Production Companies Can Have on Your Business

For many businesses the prospect of creating a commercial can bring about many concerns, the most common being about cost and process.

A commercial production (as well as a media buy or television airtime purchase) can be a significant investment. Forging a relationship with a commercial production company or agency in NYC may be one more process or commitment that you’re unfamiliar with or not sure you need.

You might be thinking: what can a commercial production company bring to my business that I, or my local station, can’t? Well, professionally produced commercials and experienced production companies have a greater, more effective place in the marketing world than ever before.

Here are some of the ways commercial production companies in NYC can have an impact on your business:

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They’ve Been Around the Block

Working with a commercial production company can help bring an experienced outside perspective to your business. If you select the ideal commercial production company, your commercial will not be the first commercial they’ve produced (and it won’t be the last).

There is nothing more valuable to your company’s marketing than the experience and knowledge from seasoned professionals. Your production experts will be able to bring fresh eyes to your project and to your business as a whole. They can guide you through the process, answer questions, and even make suggestions you hadn’t considered.

By looking at your company through this wide-angle lens, so-to-speak, you can get a clean perspective on your business or industry as well as your marketing approach. This alone can have an incredible impact on the commercial that you create and the impression you make on your audience.

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They’ll Aim High

I frequently find the factor of high-quality to be overlooked or dismissed while other factors are upheld vehemently. With a background in design, marketing and even merchandising, I know that high visual quality is one of the most important aspect of presenting a product, brand or opportunity that you wish for someone else to “buy” into, whether financially or emotionally. This truly should not be under-estimated.

Bringing a high-level of quality to your commercial is a massive benefit to you as the client, but also is a direct benefit to your brand image. When your commercial airs alongside other commercials, you’ll want it to stand up to the level of quality seen in national or big-brand spots – whether with regard to lighting, talent, or picture quality.

A high-quality product enhances the perception of your brand and reinforces the claim that your business also offers quality, service, or reliability.

Likewise, the quality of service and reliability that a production company can offer is an asset to your investment, ensuring that you won’t incur greater costs in the long run should you go with a less-experienced or lower-quality option.

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They Know There’s More Than One Way

A commercial that you create for your business isn’t necessarily limited to television broadcast. Commercials that are created for TV can also be utilized in a number of different ways.

They can be used online, placed on your website or shared on social media pages. They can also be used at live events, played in meetings, live presentations, at trade show booths or used by sales representatives on mobile tablets.

You can also use your production and post-production time strategically, gathering additional footage or using additional editing time (a fraction of what an entirely separate project would entail) to create multiple versions of your commercial without doubling your production budget.

Create longer and shorter versions of your commercial to air at different times; or, create several commercials each with a slightly different ending. You could also create your commercial and make minor tweaks to length, script or music to create different web-only versions.

Commercial production companies in NYC with experience in web video, creative strategies, and efficient production management can help combine efforts and streamline the production of multiple versions (or formats) of your commercial.

With all of these opportunities to make the most of your investment dollar, a commercial production company can help you get your video distributed in a multitude of ways, and in front of a lot more eyes!
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