The Five Golden Rules of Corporate Video Production in NYC

The Five Golden Rules of Corporate Video Production in NYC

“Corporate” “video” and “production” are three words that have become very common in the modern marketer’s vocabulary. Why? Because people are responding in incredibly positive ways to companies who are using video content to connect with them, and modern marketers are wise to adopt this effective medium to bolster their engagement with prospective clients and fans.

Visitors to your website or social pages want to see you, hear you and understand you before investing any more of their time with you, and videos can help make this connection! Corporate videos can be the gold in your treasure chest of marketing tools and can help persuade visitors to take a step forward with your company.

To make your visitor’s experience on your website more enriching, follow our 5 golden rules for corporate video production to make your videos a true success.

1. It’s Not Just For Mom

We love mom, and she’ll always give us high praise for our efforts and creativity (remember your macaroni artwork?) The stakes are much higher with corporate video production, not only because of the costs associated it, but because you really have to be on target with your audience – or you’ll lose them.

Get a true understanding of who is going to be watching your videos – are they decision makers, influencers, current customers, old customers? It’s important to understand their different personas so your video content is relative to them and where they’re at in your sales funnel. Tailor each type of your corporate video productions to ensure it connects with your audience and gets them to make that call to action. That will really make your sales team very happy and mom proud.

2. Keep it Real

Society has driven viewing audiences to be more skeptical than ever. They really want transparency, they want to see who you really are, what your product or service really does, and how are you really going to help them. Really! It’s imperative to understand who you are and how you want to be perceived by the viewer.

A brand defining exercise should be on your list of to-do’s before considering corporate video production. Understanding your brand means understanding your personality, beliefs and commitment to making your customer’s world a better place.

Branding agencies can help with this or you can execute this on your own with a number of resources available online. It’s an eye-opening activity that shows your true colors – and can even inspire really great change and lead to more golden opportunities for your company.

3. Be a Hero

Something many companies (and some people!!) struggle with is the “I / Me /We” syndrome. While it’s super important to get across what your company does in its given space, it’s more important to touch on how you help your customers and improve their every-day, subtly positioning yourself as the hero.

Everyone loves a hero! Articulating what you do and weaving it into a hero position is a delicate balance and takes a little work. Meet with your teams across departments, explain the objectives of your corporate video production, ask for amazing customer stories and draw from those for your inspiration. You’ll be surprised at the gold you’ll uncover.

4. You Have Seconds to Make an Impression

It’s true! Mom always says you can never judge a book by its cover, but with the click of the mouse (or tap on a tablet), your video can be a memory in just seconds. And a very forgettable one. It’s important to make sure what you’re putting out there for visual consumption is going to look professional and be something you’re proud of.

Understanding who your brand is, your audience is, what they expect, who your competitor is and what they produce should have a profound influence on the quality of corporate video production you plan to create.

From choosing the right video thumbnail on the video player, to making sure the audio sounds coherent, to ensuring the lighting looks professional, your viewers are going to expect the quality of what they’re going to watch to match your brand. If you stand for quality, and your products and services are second to none, well, so needs to be your collateral. It needs to match. It’s unfortunate, but the reality is that people can be judgmental and not give a second chance.

5. Don’t Worry About (not getting millions of) Views

Worry about conversion. Marketers should be concerned with achieving realistic, measurable results with their videos which were strategically designed to help move prospects through the funnel they’ve created.

Sure, everyone loves views, and lots of them, but if they’re not going to convert, those views are for naught. Having a plan for the videos to be seen by targeted audiences is crucial in getting the right views, whether it’s through an email blast, sponsored ads or posts on social.

As you get more familiar with corporate video production and how to measure it in your environment, you’ll understand what your numbers will be to expect conversion. There are a number of tools you can use, some free, many paid, that can help you with measuring the effectiveness of your videos.

Corporate video production is truly an investment and should be considered wisely and never rushed in to. Creating targeted pieces and having a realistic plan of action to get them seen is going to be key in launching a successful video marketing strategy. To learn more about how we’ve helped many businesses achieve their results using corporate video production, give us a shout. We’d love to chat.

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