How to Enhance Your Fundraising Efforts with Video

How to Enhance Your Fundraising Efforts with Video

How to Enhance your Fundraising Efforts with Video

Many different organizations and entrepreneurs rely on fundraising to achieve their goals and accomplish their mission. To reach interested parties and nurture their involvement – be it donation, partnership or some other type of support – video excels way beyond written text and printed promotional materials.


Video is the MVP when it comes to enhancing every crucial aspect of fundraising, from communications to marketing. Learn how to enhance your fundraising efforts with powerful video:

Build Awareness with Sharable Video Content           

Awareness is the first step in fundraising. Acquiring new donors or campaign partners and a supporting audience is crucial to fundraising success, so creating video content that viewers want to share is a winning strategy.

Video on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Even short promotional videos can capture in the interest of many viewers and direct them to learn more.

Use Creative to Attract Your Ideal Partners and Donors

When you use video, you’re offering viewers a lot more than information. You’re leveraging creative elements – like imagery, music, motion and styling – that resonate on a deeper level with your ideal partner or supporter.

Think about who your ideal viewer is: are they art or fashion lovers? Builders and other construction industry members? Scientists? Video allows you to shape the information into interesting content that truly connects with the viewer.

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Evoke an Emotional Response

Video is a powerful method of storytelling, and you can leverage video’s ability to evoke feelings of inspiration, motivation, fun, sense of purpose, community and more!

Use video to bring contributors behind the scenes , show where funding was used, to share the excitement or emotion that existed at an event. Share these rewarding emotions with them to make them your true partner through and through.


Use Video on Your Website

Video on a landing page not only enhances that page’s ranking in search results; it can increase conversions by at least 80%.

So if you’ve already piqued the interest of potential supporters, using web video can nudge them to complete an action like signing up or making a donation.

Offer Transparency

Another key benefit of video is that it can offer much-valued transparency to supporters. It gives donors an opportunity to see where their funding has gone, and gives newcomers a look inside special events, operations and the efforts of the organization.

Re-purpose Footage

Video can go a long way when it’s captured and used strategically. Re-purpose footage in a variety of ways to connect with viewers at different stages of a campaign, at different times of the year, or as ongoing social media content.

Film at an event or launch and release a video recap to share with participants or investors. Use that footage over again to edit short videos for social promotion or a look back at the event later on. Use it in a year-end report, or kick-off for the next year. Create a teaser or invitation video for subsequent events, shows, launches or promotions.

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Fundraising can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools to convey everything involved in your product, mission or cause. Video allows you to share crucial information, brand image and emotion all in a quick and engaging way.

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