Web Videos

Create videos for website, social media, mobile viewing, advertising and much more.  This 15-second YouTube video and ad we produced for eLEND has earned hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube alone!


Brand Videos

Successful web videos don’t just tell viewers about something, they SHOW viewers. This is a great example of a web video that doesn’t even utilize spoken dialogue or on-screen text. Rather it uses actors in action and creative elements such as editing, music, lighting effects and more to show how a product is used, but also to communicate a feeling and a lifestyle.


Company Overviews

There’s no better way to introduce your brand on the Home Page of your website than with a Company Overview video.  It enhances your SEO, increases visitor time spent on your website, and establishes a connection and relationship with the viewer.

A good Overview should tell visitors who you are, what you do, and what’s special about your business or brand, ideally in less than 90 seconds.


Video Ads

Create video ads to reach your target audience, increase sales and re-target people who have visited your webpage or social media pages.


Bio Videos

Bio videos are an amazing way to connect a viewer with the individual or team they would potentially be working with. Bio videos can be short, sweet and fun, or they can be more serious, heartfelt or conservative.  Either way they are key to establishing trust and connection across a digital mode of communication.