Grey Sky Films is one of the leading video production companies in the NJ and NYC area, helping individuals, businesses and brands create content for web, broadcast, corporate, sales, training and more.

Explore all the ways Grey Sky Films can help make your business goals, passion project or creative vision a reality.

As NJ’s leading video production agency, we help individuals, businesses and brands of all sizes enhance their image, boost SEO, engage and educate viewers, convert sales, and much more with online video content.

A company overview video is the first introduction to your business or brand and its product, services, team or history. It’s a crucial piece of content for any website or online portfolio.

A bio video shows viewers what it’s like to work with your or your entire team, offering a look at your expertise, qualifications and your personality in an engaging way that builds trust.

Our team specializes in showing a step-by-step process that empowers your customers with a deeper understanding of your business, and a greater appreciation for your expertise.

Whiteboard or animated-text style “explainer” videos help increase engagement and inform viewers about your product, service, or process.

Blog videos help enhance your brand presence. They can be fun and creative, as well as informative, engaging your customers or educating your staff.

Create a series of video content to offer consistent engagement to customers, staff and fans. We’ll help you develop creative, strategy, scripting and much more.

See how businesses and brands are using web videos…

Murray’s Cheese

Murray’s Cheese

Petro Home Services

Petro Home Services

Grey Sky Films produces commercials and videos for television broadcast. From 30-second local spots to national ads, to documentaries, film shorts or pilots, we collaborate at any level to bring your vision to life.

From local spots to national ads, our commercial production team can help you create the right look and the right message, to resonate with your target audience.

Grey Sky Films has award-winning documentary producers, writers, and an experienced crew ready to help with your next cinematic project.

We’ve “gone corporate”, but not with suits and fancy lunches (though that would be awesome!) We mean that for over a decade we’ve been producing professional video-content for corporate businesses throughout NJ and NYC.

These effective types of videos are proven to enhance trust, increase engagement and boost sales, by allowing viewers to see and hear true success stories and real results.

Newsletters unite team, staff and customers, providing consistent company news, education, tips, or answers to frequently asked questions.

Communicate critical news and directives clearly, effectively, and consistently across multiple channels with video communications.

Train your employees and support your customers with engaging, easily digestible videos. Streamline on-boarding, enhance compliance, support sales, and much more.

Share your successes and powerful PR moments like charity or awards dinners, presentations, milestones and more with inspiring, motivational, and exciting videos.

Promote your strongest moments as a business or brand. Highlight recent achievements, awards, successful marketing campaigns, special events, product or web launches and more!

BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon



AFR & Amazon’s Alexa

AFR & Amazon’s Alexa

Whether you’re delivering dynamic presentations, trying to attract or nurture new leads, on-boarding new hires, launching new products, revamping existing products, or want to increase internal productivity, video is the best tool to make education convenient, practical, and highly effective.

Sales presentations and individual sales efforts benefit from video’s ability to hold attention and convey information. With rich visuals, and emotion-tapping techniques, nothing tells (and sells) your story like video.

Disclaimer or compliance videos are efficient and highly-effective ways to provide instructions or information to visitors, customers, or staff, helping to ensure safety and consistent protocol in your business.

Bio videos help you build human connection in a digital world.  Use on websites, social media or other online platforms to meet and connect with others in an engaging or creative way.

A demo video shows the totality of what your business or service has to offer, or it shows the in’s and out’s of how a product works. An eye-catching and engaging demo video can serve multiple purposes.

Training with video is more efficient and effective than traditional training methods like textbooks and live courses. Video yields higher engagement, information retention, and eliminates excess staffing.

Support or FAQ videos help enhance customer support while making help available and accessible around-the-clock. Engage existing customers, and lighten the workload your sales and customer support teams.

MiFroma Fondue Express

MiFroma Fondue Express

Murray’s Cheese

Murray’s Cheese

Professional video production structured to fit your needs.

What Do I Get?

With our VidDuo program you get two videos, each up to 2 minutes in length.

What Can I Create?

Create Brand Overviews or Testimonials. One of each, or two of a kind!

What’s Included?

A planning session, professional filming, editing, plus two micro-edits, perfect for social sharing.

Discovery allows us to learn everything we need to know about your business, strategy or goals you wish to achieve with video.  We look forward to getting to know you!

Creative is the part of the process where we translate strategy into a plan for execution. What does your video need to look and sound like in order engage your audience?

In Pre-Production we perform casting, scripting, scheduling and many more details,  meticulously planned for the Production phase.

Production is when all footage and audio are captured for use in the end product. With over 17 years of experience, we know exactly how to make a production run smoothly and successfully.

Post-Production, is the editing phase, where all footage, audio, graphics and other details are brought together to create the final product.

Once a video is complete, we offer digital sign off and file delivery in any format you desire. We also offer commercial trafficking services, as well as technical and distribution support!