What’s So Great About Micro Video Content: We Have the Answer

What’s So Great About Micro Video Content: We Have the Answer

In the content marketing world, experts tend to emphasize the success that long-form content has on the ability to meet certain marketing goals, such as building brand authority. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no place for short-form content. In fact, micro content, as it’s called, can be an incredibly effective component of your marketing strategy, especially when it’s a video.

Micro VideoWhat is Micro Video Content?

Micro video content basically means very short videos. Even videos just a few seconds long can make a big impact. Just look at some of the social media channels that focus on micro video content, such as Snapchat and Instagram. These platforms have exploded in popularity over the past few years because people are creating and consuming micro video content.

So what makes a video micro? Micro video content is no more than a minute in length, and can even be as short as six seconds! Six seconds may not seem like long enough to even say “Hey, this is my product and here’s why you should buy it!” However, this is not (exactly) the strategy behind micro video.  With micro video, your brand can engage with it’s customer and deliver small doses of powerful brand images, key product or service information and much more.

What Makes Micro Video Content So Great?

The popularity of micro video content is no fluke, but there are many factors that contribute to it. The following are the main reasons why micro video content is so effective and why you should begin creating micro video content for your own marketing campaign:

1. Micro video content is easier to produce

Depending on how complex the concept is, a shorter video typically takes less resources to finish than a longer one. Often this is simply a result of shorter production times.

For example, let’s say a five minute video requires 30 different shots. This can require numerous lighting set ups in several different locations, which means takes time to execute and complete. It will also require some time in post-production being edited to a final video that flows flawlessly.  A six-second micro video may only require one shot, which can be set up and completed very quickly and could potentially not require any editing work.

Micro Video2. Micro videos make the most of viewers’ attention spans

The completion rate of micro videos is higher than longer videos. I know you’re thinking, “Thank you, captain obvious!”, but the point here is still extremely meaningful.

The first 8 seconds of any video are the most critical. When people are viewing online, and especially on mobile, they have much shorter attention spans. You also have that itchy scrolling finger or thumb to contend with!

In addition to making it easier to keep a viewer’s attention through the duration of a micro video, micro videos will help keep viewers coming back to your page for more content. This means that you’ve earned their attention for your brand and not just your video.

3. Micro videos keep your content focused

Since you’ve only got a minute at the most to get your message across, you really have to know what your message is. Condensing your message succinctly can help communicate more effectively and keep viewers engaged. There’s a reason for the phrase, “short and sweet”.  Keeping it short can help you find that sweet spot!

4. Micro videos force you to be creative

Even though you’ll most likely have the attention of your viewers for the duration of your micro videos, you still only have a very short period of time with which to work with. This short amount of time can be challenging to work with, but if you’re anything like us you never back down from a challenge!

You’re going to have to get creative with how you craft your message, and creativity is the good stuff!  If you plan on releasing micro content on a regular basis, you’ll find ways to nurture your creativity! Beyond the straight up message of the video, the creativity that is used can come across through the videos and capture the attention of brand admirers – another marketing bonus!

Micro Video5. Micro videos are mobile-friendly

According to YouTube, mobile video consumption has been rising 100 percent every year. People love watching videos on their smartphones. However, because many people are watching them while they are on the go, or as they scroll through social media feeds, they are more likely to watch short-form video content than they are longer videos.

Creating micro video can help you more effectively reach your customers and brand followers on social and mobile platforms. And let’s face it, that’s where the kids (and adults) are hanging out these days!

6. Micro videos are extremely shareable

Video content in general is shared more often than written content, especially on social media. Micro video is so easily shareable, partly because the person sharing it knows it won’t take up too much of anyone else’s time. If a viewer enjoys it, they’ll want to share it with their social circle.

These shares are recognized by the social media platform algorithms, which can reflect positively on your brand’s page, your posts and even your website, general online presence and SEO rankings! (Crazy right?!)

These are some of the main reasons you should be using micro video content. Keep in mind, just because they are short does not mean they shouldn’t look professional and be planned with a valued end result in mind.

Working with a professional video production company can ensure you produce high-quality video, but also use an expert process for production that makes it easier to keep the content flowing! The overall message here: Keep the video content short, but don’t take a shortcut when it comes to the quality and strategy of your micro video content production.

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