It’s Grey Sky Films 15th Anniversary!

It’s Grey Sky Films 15th Anniversary!

It’s Grey Sky Films 15th Anniversary!

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of Grey Sky Films’ reign as the best video production company in NJ.

According to the Google machine, the modern 15th anniversary gift is a watch. Well, we didn’t get each other watches, but we can still tell you what time it is:  It’s video newsletter time! Correction: It’s 15th Anniversary newsletter time!

Join Mark, and the whole team, in this special edition of our monthly video newsletter:


Client News for October 2015

15 years in, and we’re still working with some of the most amazing clients. We are currently, or have recently, filmed or produced:

We’re also gearing up to film new broadcast spots for Petro Home Services, and PSE&G had us return to film their sky-crane construction.

You can see some of the helicopter footage we filmed last year in our 15th anniversary ‘Look Back’ video series. PSE&G has already shared some of the new footage on Facebook, and it currently has over 151 thousand views!

Featured Client

Eastpoint Sports is a wholesaler of recreational products like: table tennis games, billiards, basketball games, lawn & tailgating games, and more!  We got a chance to play some of their games (seriously, our office looks like a Chuck-E-Cheese right now!) and are producing product videos to highlight their top games.

What better way to support online sales than with product videos?! After all, the average online shopper spends 88% more time on a site that has video, and 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. Now that’s what we call a slam dunk!

Thank You From The Team

It’s hard to recount all the incredible memories and clients from the past 15 years, although we give it a pretty good try in the video newsletter!  What’s most important is that we’ve had the opportunity to make movie magic for the real stars: our clients.

Thank YOU – our clients, partners, family, friends, and fans – for a kick-ass 15 Years!

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