Take a Look Back: 15 Years as a Video Production Company in NJ

Take a Look Back: 15 Years as a Video Production Company in NJ

Take a Look Back: 15 Years as a Video Production Company in NJ

Grey Sky Films is celebrating it’s 15th Anniversary as a video production company here in NJ!

To say that it’s been an interesting journey would be the most ridiculous understatement ever. Over the past 15 years, Grey Sky Films has gone from being two guys right out of film school to a team of over twelve dedicated team-members who have produced over 3,000 videos for clients over the years.  In five quick videos, take a look at some of the most memorable productions throughout Grey Sky Films history:

1. Our Very First Production: A Commercial for Vincent’s Pizzeria



Co-founders Mark Serao and Chris Vaglio look back on their first video production ever: a television commercial for Vincent’s Pizzeria.  See how they composed the music, and pulled in “actors” from all around to make this commercial a success.

2. We Built Grey Sky Films on Rock n’ Roll


Hey, it’s only rock n’ roll.  But y’know what?  We like it.

This second video in our ‘Look Back’ series takes us to when Grey Sky Films started rockin’ and rollin’ with the best of them!  Watch Mark and Chris share their favorite memories from filming artists and bands like: Nikki Sixx, Roger Waters, Sting, My Chemical Romance, and many more…

3. Across The Country, And Around The World



Over the past 15 years, Grey Sky Films has run video production in NJ, NYC, LA… and Israel! And… Idaho, Minnesota, San Francisco. We’ve been everywhere man!  Take a look at some of our favorite video production memories in far off places.

4. Over The River, And Through The Snow


Take a look back on a particular video production across the river in NY that was filled with challenges that made the project extra thrilling…while the weather made it extra chilling!

5. Taking Video Production To New Heights!

In this last video in our ‘Look Back’ series, Chris and Mark talk about the excitement and adventure of this challenging shoot.  PSE&G had us take to the skies to document the air-crane helicopters that were used to minimize environmental impact of the Susquehanna-Roseland Electric Reliability Project.  Our team underwent rigorous safety training, and stood by awaiting the pilots thumbs-up on the weather. At a moments notice, our crew was ready to spring into action and take to the skies.

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