How To Get the Most Out Of Your Corporate Event Videos

How To Get the Most Out Of Your Corporate Event Videos

Producing video content is an essential part of marketing any event, business or brand, and diversifying the use of your corporate event videos can provide you with a ton of value. Video not only helps enhance SEO and brand image, it shows real-life human interaction, something that is vital to connecting with and influencing other humans who may only interact with your business or brand across digital platforms like web, social or mobile.

One of the greatest advantages of video content is that the footage you capture can be easily multi-purposed and leveraged in a variety of ways. Let’s look at corporate event videos, which typically include some or all of the following elements:

  • Fun Activities (dining, sports, music)
  • Brand Leadership (speeches, awards)
  • Education (updates on company initiatives, product performance)
  • Humanitarianism (fundraising, charitable efforts)
  • Networking (employees, community, partnership)

These are all powerful aspects of an event, but also a company culture and brand identity!  So, the next time you’re looking to create corporate event videos, instead of creating the same old standard event videos, think about all of these ways that video footage from your event can be utilized via web, social, email, PR and more…

Event Recap

Event recaps or “sizzle reels” still a solid, valuable piece of video content, create an event recap edit to show everything that was enjoyed and accomplished at your event.

Create a slightly longer edit to show on your website and share via email or company newsletter. Create a short edit to share on social media platforms.


Boost SEO by hosting your video on YouTube, and using valuable key words within your video title and description to help get your video surfaced for those searching for a company like yours.

Promote your video to get even more targeted viewers, giving them an idea of what it’s like to attend or participate in your event, thereby increasing intent to purchase or get involved.

Lead Nurturing

Create an edit that recaps accomplishments of the annual event, such as total amounts raised for a great cause or amount of workshops held. Upload this video to YouTube and link it to your email signature or a personal online bio. Send it with follow up communications when you meet new clients or colleagues.

Press Releases

Use a similar edit as a Press Release or a piece of content that a media outlet can utilize online or on social media.


Use an edit for ongoing fundraising efforts. Create an edit that shows a cause that funds were raised for, host it on a landing page as part of a campaign and invite online viewers to donate or contribute to the cause.

About Your Company

Long-lasting content on an about us page or main profile page

There is still such a thing as “evergreen content”, meaning content that can live on year-round or for a longer period of time. As long as the event is not outdated, it can make a wonderful addition to any “about us” or “initiatives” page on your website.

Video Header for Facebook

A visually engaging event highlight video can also be used as a Header video on your Facebook page. These often run without audio and provide a visually impactful backdrop or introduction to visitors of your Facebook page.

Instagram Stories

Create several short (under 10 second) edits that walk viewers through all the exciting events and details of your corporate event. These can be uploaded to your Instagram Stories one video at a time and you can add short text, hashtags, geotags, GIFs and more to keep viewers engaged and to connect with attendees, partners, organizations and more.

Micro edits for ongoing use on social media

Footage can be sliced and diced in a huge variety of ways. Use the best or most appropriate shots from your footage to create a number of micro-edits (no more than 10-15 seconds in length) that can be shared in your social media feeds.

When viewers are scrolling quickly past, they don’t need much more than a few seconds of interesting visuals and a well-composed post caption to be valuably impacted by this content.

Live Presentations

We’re pointing out a lot of digital uses for video here, but live presentations should never be overlooked. Any time you are making a new introduction or a presentation to a new crowd, video can be one of your biggest allies, helping you to introduce a lot of otherwise “boring” information in a fun, engaging way.

For example, instead of talking about your educational programs, play a quick reel from a recent event that raised money for those programs. Instead of talking about company growth, play a corporate event video that shows the great number of employees gathered in one place, listening to speeches from leadership and engaging in your company’s culture.

corporate event videos

With so many ways to diversely apply your corporate event footage, it’s practically a no-brainer to develop a strategy on capturing just a few hours of footage to yield months worth of ongoing video content that can be used in a myriad of ways.

Here at Grey Sky Films, we actually have a program that helps you do just that, with your own dedicated team of producer and editor and a process that helps you access this super-efficient type of content publishing!

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