How To Use Video In Your Lead Nurturing Process

How To Use Video In Your Lead Nurturing Process

Video has proven to be one of the most effective tools for lead nurturing.  As we connect with potential customers using digital, social and mobile channels, video is the best medium for showing true-to-life imagery and creating a more personal connection.  It’s engaging, increases information retention and is effective at prompting viewers to take a next step.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should absolutely use video in your lead nurturing efforts. Read on to learn more about a few different ways, and different stages in the lead nurturing process where video excels.

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Use Video To Make A First Introduction

Every individual, business or brand can and should have a video that shows what they’re all about, delivering a first introduction in a style that represents them appropriately.

Create an overview or brand video that summarizes your business as a whole. This type of video is a great piece of evergreen content that can live on your website as a first introduction to those who find you online. It can also be used on YouTube and leveraged across YouTube and Google to come up when someone searches for your brand, company or services.

If you’re in sales or business development, your personal connections are everything! Use video to show your personality, your expressions, your friendliness and more. Or create a bio video that delivers ordinarily stiff credentials in an engaging, stylistic way.

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Follow Up With Information They Care About

After you’ve made an initial introduction, the next steps in your lead nurturing process should address more specific areas of interest or concern. Testimonials, case study videos as well as product overview videos and demo videos are valuable throughout this process.

Follow up with an example of how you helped another customer in a similar way, sharing a testimonial or case study video; or follow up with a product overview or demo video, so they can see more features or how something works.

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Use Video With Each Follow-Up Touch  

After making an introduction and sending them some information pertinent to their interests or needs, you’ll want another low-pressure way of touching base that keeps them engaged or re-ignites their interest in what you may have to offer.

Show them something they haven’t seen yet, such as a video related to a brand new product launch or video highlights from a recent, exciting event.

You could also follow up with an entertaining and educational video newsletter, and encourage them to sign up to receive ongoing newsletters as well.


Use Video to Steer Them To Online Destinations

You don’t want to be blandly repetitive with your efforts, so try to mix up the type of content you send them, as well as the destination you’d like them to visit.

For example, have a plan for sending them to different videos hosted on different pages of your company website, such as: team or personal bio pages, about the company page, products or services, or a campaign-specific landing page.

This shows how active your business is, and targets different aspects of connecting with your new lead – from providing information to building trust and more.

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Getting Started

Lead nurturing efforts can be highly effective when they include a variety of video content, like the types of video we outlined above.

Creating a variety of content is the best way to leverage video throughout your lead nurturing process. This can actually be done quite efficiently and cost-effectively if you work with a video production team that can help you develop a strategy for efficient video production and video content deliverables.

Learn more about how video can be used not only in lead nurturing but throughout the marketing funnel.

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