5 Types of Video Evergreen Content Your Business Needs

5 Types of Video Evergreen Content Your Business Needs

Evergreen content is content that remains relevant to the reader or viewer for a long time, well past its publication date.   True evergreen content can continue to resonate with someone months or years after it was written, and it can continue to help your business achieve real goals.

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First, let’s take a look at 3 simple benefits of evergreen content:

  • It’s relevant to many people for a long time, so its traffic should continue to grow over time.
  • Search engine algorithms will favor an item that proves to be a valuable piece of content, thereby benefitting your ranking in Search Engine results.
  • Engagement and share-ability on social will also greatly benefit any post linked to your site.

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Some of the best evergreen content is aimed at a new or novice audience, and provides valuable, high-quality information. A few simple tips:

  • Keep it short and simple – keep this content broad and easily understandable, and avoid technical language or advanced-level instructions. Keep the video ideally under 90 seconds in length.
  • Keep it focused – Hone in on a specific topic to keep the piece of value from a keyword-search perspective and to make it more easily found and viewed.
  • Repurpose it – Evergreen content in text form can be repurposed as a list or a download; or, it can be effectively repurposed as a video!

Video evergreen content is a marketing essential, and can be produced efficiently and affordably. Here are some of the best types of videos that can serve as great evergreen content for your business:[/vc_column_text][ultimate_spacer height=”4″ height_on_mob=”2″][vc_column_text]

1. Company Overview Videos

A brand or company overview video gives a 1000-mile view of your business, and can include any of the following: its products or services, its history, its core values, environmental practices, community integration, key partners…the list goes on!

Remember, effective evergreen content is concise and focused. It doesn’t need to be complicated. For example, this company overview for a tattoo shop doesn’t need more than a minute or any dialogue to show that they have:

  • two locations
  • a variety of male and female artists on staff
  • a clean and friendly workplace
  • piercing services in addition to tattooing

2. Product Overview Videos

A product video can show a digital viewer everything they would see if they were up close to the product in real life: the size, shape, what it’s like to use or wear it, plus a look at any special features the product may have.

Other ways of creating product overview video might show how an item was created (illustrating fine craftsmanship or sustainable resources), or show its end-use, allowing the customer to visualize themselves using it in their own life!

3. Process Overview Videos

If your business offering hinges on a process or experience that clients and customers are paying for, you’ll want to give them an introductory understanding of what that process is like. This makes them more familiar and comfortable with the offering, and helps set their expectations as well.

Introduce the stages of a process, describe what occurs through each stage and perhaps even provide testimonial statements of others who have already experienced it.

4. Service Overview Videos

This is a great way to capture the eyes of online searchers and to generate traffic that boosts the chances of you being found by more searches in the future!

Start with your top-selling service or two, and create video overviews of what they entail: process, costs, how to get started, etc.

5. Event Overview Videos

This type of overview video can be used to preface an upcoming campaign or event: what it’s about, its goals, how a viewer can get involved…

It can even include a how-to tutorial that helps people get involved or take action to participate in your campaign or event, and can be multi-purposed: used for recap of one event, and promotion of a similar, future event!With always-relevant evergreen content hosted on your website and shared online and via social media, you’ll reap many benefits simultaneously. When you create overview videos for all these different professional aspects of your business, its one of the most efficient and effective ways to make video do double and triple duty:

  • enhancing your brand awareness
  • boosting your SEO
  • nurturing leads, and much much more!

These are the video marketing essentials every business needs, and something video evergreen content can help you achieve.

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