Corporate Video Production: 5 Types of Videos That Achieve Business Goals

Corporate Video Production: 5 Types of Videos That Achieve Business Goals

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When businesses are in need of corporate video production services, they tend to have specific needs that reflect their business strategies. After all, what is the point of investing in video if it is not meant to bring you some type of benefit or reward?

When a video company offers “Corporate Video Production” this means that they are experienced and well equipped to produce videos that are professional looking, that reflect brand identity and core standards of the company. It also means that they understand strategy, and are able to produce authentic content that helps achieve key business goals!

Often, by aligning with an in-house marketing or brand-management team, or by performing deep strategic and creative discovery themselves, an experienced video production company can produce video content that targets distinct audience members and helps achieve a professional goal.

Let’s take a look at 5 types of video that are proven to be effective in achieving corporate business goals…

A Brand Video Increases Brand Awareness

A brand video introduces your company to viewers who have never seen or heard of you before. Brand videos don’t always need to be full of information, in fact they can be more effective if they capture attention quickly create excitement, inspiration or curiosity.

A brand video can pique the interest of ideal customers who will investigate further by searching your online shop, reviews and testimonials. Many brand videos can be multi-purposed as social media content, commercials or online ads.

Check out this great example from LazeTowel. Here you see the versatility of LazeTowel’s product (a feature that is attractive to a target audience of parents, travelers and frequent beach-goers), but it also encompasses the entire vibe of the brand! It’s vibrant, easy, chill and fun and makes you feel like your experiencing summertime fun with no words needed.

Micro-Content Captures Attention, Drives Traffic

Over recent years, social media platforms have raced to grab a piece of the video hosting pie. After all, video is a powerful asset; It constitutes over 74% of ALL online traffic, so social platforms want to harness some of this precious time with online viewers by offering up the video content right in their native feeds.

However, browsing and scrolling on social and mobile device leave little time for exposure, and brands have just about 3 seconds to capture attention. This is why micro-content is so important. A short edit, generally between 10-30 seconds can capture attention quickly and also serve well as a digital ad or sponsored video post.

Lastly, micro-content drives more engagement in the form of likes and especially shares. People are more likely to share short content publicly, while they share longer form content only with those they know might be interested.

Check out this piece of micro-content we produced for eLEND. By promoting this 15 second humorous video, eLEND was able to capture over 30k views!

An Overview Video Enhances Engagement and SEO

An overview video is the perfect video to take interested viewers a bit deeper into learning more about your business, products or services. Overview videos can include company mission, history, even testimonials.

Ideally, overview videos should be under 2 minutes in length to keep engagement high. Only 65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video, so if you can maintain an engagement rate high than that, you’re doing well!

Overview videos are uber-successful when positioned on a home page or landing page. This greatly enhances the likelihood of your site getting to the first page of organic search results, and in drastically increases the amount of time viewers spend on your site.

Check out this overview video for Kraus Marketing. Viewers quickly get a look at what the company does, what their personalities are like, and what their work looks like!

A Team Bio Video Builds Personal Connection

If you can’t meet and engage with another person in real life, thereby establishing and building a valuable personal connection, utilizing video can help you bridge that gap through a digital interface.

Most salespeople and professional services providers know that personal relationships are everything. Use video to give online and mobile viewers an authentic look at details that make you a worthy provider.  We want to see doctors who explain things well and are patient. We want to see stylists who are dressed impeccably. We want to see event planners what seem assertive and decisive.

Bio videos can also show how you stand apart from your competitors.  Take a look at this example produced for Smolin Lupin & Co and you’ll see that not all accounts managers are dry and stuffy. They’re friendly, fun individuals who have your best interests at heart…

Testimonials and Product Videos Increase Sales

Once someone is aware and then interested in your product or service, they’ll want to dig a bit deeper and consider factors like pricing, quality, process, experience and effectiveness. Deep into this consideration phase lies your opportunity to convert a viewer into a customer.

Testimonials are some of the most essential and effective types of video content for any business. They are the social proof of your product or service being effective in solving a problem or need. Watching authentic testimony from others who can describe their experience and vouch for a successful outcome is super powerful!

Likewise, product or service ‘explainer’ videos can give prospective buyers a look at features, benefits and ongoing support in using your product or service.

This video for Brent Brookbush, offers a deeper look at what the Brookbush Institute has to offer and uses Testimonials to back up claims of success. This video is 1 minute 27 seconds long, but maintains high engagement nonetheless because its viewer are already interested in this topic, and are on the precipice of becoming customers.

There are many more types of corporate video productions that can executed in order to help businesses achieve their goals. The best way to start developing the right ideas is to review your business strategy and identify challenges you’d like to achieve and your outlets for sharing video: website, social media pages, emails and more.

A professional video production company can help you work through discovery and strategy, and can also then develop the creative and execution plan for producing the best video content for your business.

Create Content that Works!

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