As a marketing director, it’s crucial to stay up to date on various marketing techniques and to consistently seek ways to optimize your marketing strategy. It helps to stay aware of various marketing techniques that businesses are utilizing, especially those that are proving to be effective, and those that can help continue you achieve your goals and set you apart from your competitors.

In recent years, content marketing has proven to be an effective modern marketing tactic, and content marketing using video even more so. If you have yet to embrace video marketing into your overall strategy, here’s an overview on why all marketing directors should be leveraging the power of video.

The Impact of Video Content Marketing

Video marketing has been trending steadily upwards for several years now, and it’s quite clear that this “trend” is actually a viable tool that is here to stay. Video marketing has continued to evolve and be successful because:

People are visual creatures: Studies prove that people would rather watch a video that read written text. Wouldn’t you? Rich visual content – moving image combined with music, spoken word and editing – naturally makes video an engaging medium with which to reach your audience.

Videos are easily accessible: Technology makes it very easy for consumers to watch videos whenever they want.

Video content can be viewed on tablets and smartphones, via internet, social media or apps. Video is more accessible and easier to consume than ever before, which means that reaching your audience with video is the best way to get your message across.

Reasons to Use Video Content Marketing

While the above reasons are what set video content apart as more than just a trend, there are other factors that make video marketing an important asset for marketing directors and businesses today:

1) Video content improves SEO

The use of video content on your website can help boost your SEO, or search engine optimization. When hosting your videos online, you can optimize your videos using keywords in the titles and descriptions.

From here, sharing your hosted video via social media can enhance social signals, as comments and likes create positive impact on your SEO. And, other websites are more likely to link to video content. If you have a valuable video out there that others can refer to, this can earn backlinks to your video.

2) Video content improves engagement

People are more likely to share, like or comment on videos than any other type of content. For example, 92 percent of mobile consumers will share videos with others. Additionally, using videos on your full page ads will boost engagement by an average of 22 percent.

3) Video content improves retention rates

Consumers are much more likely to finish watching a video than they are to finish reading a blog post. This means that your video content is more likely to keep consumers on your page for a longer period of time than your written content is. This can also lead them to continue browsing your page.

4) Video content improves email click-throughs

Video is proven to be effective in email campaigns as well. According to Animoto, simply including the word “video” in your subject line can boost open rates by 19%, boost click-through rates by 65%, and reduce unsubscribes by 26%. As a marketing director, those are some statistics you can’t ignore!

Marketing Director5) Video content makes it easier to connect

Building your brand identity is an important part of marketing in general. Video content allows viewers to better connect with your brand by first showing your brand personality in a truly engaging way, but also by prompting engagement from your social followers.

6) Video content can build brand authority

Simply having video offers the a positive brand perception, as long as the video is professional looking with good quality visuals, editing and audio.

While sharing homemade videos that are slow, uninteresting and full of echoes can do damage to your brand image and authority, professionally planned, filmed and edited video content shows you really know what you’re doing.

7) Video content improves customer conversions

Because video content can be used so effectively to build a connection with viewers as well as to deliver a message, it is also extremely useful in converting your viewers into customers.

In fact, adding video content to your landing pages is a sure way to boost your conversion rate. Doing so can increase your conversions by an average of 80%.

Marketing DirectorProfessional Video Production Strategy and Production

While there are a ton of benefits to utilizing video content in your overall marketing strategy, it’s key to have a solid strategy and plan for your video marketing goals, creative and execution. A professional video production agency can help guide you through this process, or take your direction in order to create your video content and provide you with videos crafted to meet your intended marketing goals and methods of distribution.

A professional production company will already have the equipment and staff necessary to produce high quality videos, but also the experience to execute the ideas with maximum efficiency. You could attempt to cut costs by producing video content in-house, however you’ll soon find that the difference in quality is vast, and could also cause you to spend more money than anticipated by making up for missteps.

A professional video production company can partner with a marketing director, creative director, brand manager or business owner to be your partner in crafting a successful video marketing strategy.


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