The Premier Video Production Service in New Jersey

The Premier Video Production Service in New Jersey

Having been born and raised in New Jersey, I take authority when I say: We New Jersey-ans have a lot going for us! Make all the Parkway, sewage and “Jersey Shore” jokes you like, but it’s true! New Jersey is sandwiched between two major US cities (NYC and Philadelphia, of course) and is jam-packed with a diverse range of people and businesses.

New Jersey is home to some major companies: manufacturers, medical and pharmaceutical, educational, food and beverage companies to name a few.

Also, nearby NYC is a global center for businesses and industries of all kinds. You can imagine how many of NYC’s people and businesses operate in surrounding areas, like New Jersey.

With such a tremendous amount of people, businesses, culture, and competition we are driven to be the best. To be the quickest, the most current, the most educated or creative, and the most relevant.

Being the premier video production company in New Jersey is a pretty high standard. Read on about some of the traits a premier production company in New Jersey should have:

video production new jersey

A World of Experience

Experience is a key quality for a premier video production service in New Jersey to possess. NJ has been home to many film productions.

With a diverse range in terrain and weather (urban areas, farms, mountains, beaches, both freezing or extremely hot temperatures) naturally production crews will have experienced a variety of challenges and obstacles (beyond the typical challenges) in a production.

Likewise, with such a variety of businesses densely packed into NJ, there’s an array of corporate or business-oriented elements to be filmed.

To name a few from my own experience there have been: safety-conscious manufacturing plants, helicopters erecting towers on environmentally protected wetlands, hospitals and schools, a surfing venture for autistic children, action-packed events and fund-raisers hosted by celebrities, high-security NYC buildings and much much more.

Experiencing the variables and ever-changing specifications that go along with these localities and projects prepares a team to handle the unexpected.

The more experience a video production company has, the more you can trust that they will be able to handle your production, and conquer any challenges that come their way.

video production new jersey

They Treat Their Clients Like Rock Stars

What do we know about rock stars in New Jersey? Psshh! Come on, we’ve given the world Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, My Chemical Romance, The Jonas Brothers, Patti Smith… we all know what it’s like to worship a musical god or goddess. Why should a valued client or customer be treated any differently?

Let’s be honest: what really makes any services provider a premier provider is how they treat their clients and customers.

As I stated above, there is a lot of competition in the NJ and NYC area, and any company that isn’t bending over backward to treat their clients like rock stars is missing out on one important fact: without the client, there is no business.

Many companies form Core Values that exemplify how they wish to operate on a day-to-day basis. The Core Values are there to remind every employee and team-member of what they wish to embody and promote in their professional and personal lives.

Client satisfaction (not just satisfaction…elation!) should be at the center of these values, and a consistent result of great communication, a positive attitude, and passion.

video production new jersey

Expert Capabilities and A Tried-and-True Process

This goes hand-in-hand with the experience I discuss above. Having an immense amount of experience will have shaped a tried-and-true process that the video production company uses to guide themselves and their client through any production.

A premier video production service should be able to guide their clients through initial conversations and creative or strategic discovery exercises. They should also have an established process to help guide you through each phase: pre-production, production, and post-production.

A premier service will also have expert capabilities at the ready, whether performed by their in-house team or by bringing in industry specialists within their professional network.

The capabilities required will vary based on project, but they should own up-to-date equipment, be prepared to rent specialized equipment, and help you source reliable and experienced specialists for particular tasks.

video production new jersey

They Should Be Your Partners

Premier production providers know that in order to create the most authentic and engaging content, you have to submerse yourself in understanding the client’s business, goals, target demographic, and any other data that is available to help guide the project.

While a one-and-done attitude might not negatively affect an individual project, it doesn’t do much for the overall client relationship and subsequent projects.

A video production team that goes a step further to understand more information about you, your business and your individual or professional goals will be able to put more insight and thoughtfulness into your video production projects, setting them up for greater success in the long run.

Plainly stated: a premier video production service won’t feel complete when they hand off your final video, they’ll feel complete when they know that you’ve made use of your video as intended, and that the video earned the reaction that was desired!

video production new jersey

They Speak Up

When it comes to creative style, music, colors, speed and pacing, or specific details like tone of voice, specific wording, video length, text titling, and more, we all have our own preferences.

Many times these preferences don’t always translate to video the way we envision. This is where is helps to welcome the opinions of experts wherever they see an opportunity for improvement.

When you hire a premier video production company to be your partner, they should be your personal expert in all things video. Sure you want them to follow your instructions and cater to your preferences, but you also want them to speak up where their expertise is warranted!

After all, they are the ones submerged in video projects day-in and day-out. They are also likely up on both creative and strategic industry trends, and studying how different types of videos are working for other companies.

There is a wealth of information that your premier video production provider should be able to bring to you, not the other way around!

I’m sure I could have included some other criteria for this list, such as awards they’ve won or big name clients on their roster. For me, however, it’s the experience, quality, work ethic and service that matter.

Those things may lead to awards or big name clients, or they may lead to a specialized niche service that might just be what you are looking for.

Only you will be able to gauge if a company is the best fit for you, and that requires a few steps further toward getting to know them. But, if you’ve considered these qualities first, I’m sure you’ll find yourself working with a premier video production service in New Jersey.
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