How To Find The Best Video Production Services in New Jersey

How To Find The Best Video Production Services in New Jersey

How To Find The Best Video Production Services in New Jersey

As we look forward to starting the year 2016 all of us involved with sales and marketing want to raise the performance bar and kick 2015’s butt! New Jersey professionals directly involved in sales, training, communications, and other revenue-affecting segments of business report that video is a “must have” weapon of choice for all of their most important initiatives.

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If you’re new to using video production services in New Jersey it can be overwhelming to know where to start and how to educate yourself quickly enough to make the videos that will help you achieve your goals within a budget that you or your company can invest.

My first word of advice: remember that word “investment”. The best thing about videos is that they can be multi-purposed and can be used long-term, bringing you benefits long after the costs are paid. The next batch of advice I can offer is to follow these steps to find the best video production services in New Jersey:

1. Understand which services you need

Knowing what you want to create with video production, and the steps involved, can help you search for a company in New Jersey that best fits your needs. To offer an over-simplified example, I’ve grouped three common types of video production providers:

  • Videographers – Thins of “videographers” as independents or companies that film weddings, sports games, or similar events that likely have a somewhat routine format or formula when it comes to filming and editing. They are less likely to utilize specialty equipment or extensive creative direction.
  • Production Crews – Perhaps you are ready to lead the strategic and creative direction behind your video, and you’re simply looking for are the camera operators, production assistants, audio engineers, and other individual crew members to capture what you need on film.
  • A Video Production Agency – Perhaps you have a strategy, concept or campaign that requires video, and need a team that can help you put all the pieces together, from concept to production to final delivery and distribution. You’ll benefit from the all-inclusiveness of a video production agency’s services: creative, pre-production (scripting, casting, location scouting, props) as well as filming and editing.

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2. Search and evaluate your options

Start searching for the video production services you need while being as specific as possible. Take a good look at the agencies that come up in your online search results. This can take a little time, but it’s important to evaluate the best fit for your needs with regard to quality, style, efficiency and personality.

Any company offering expert video production services in New Jersey should have a portfolio on their website where you can view some of their work. Some things to look for:

  • Quality – Does their work look and sound professional?
  • Experience and Expertise – Do they have experience with the type of video you’d like to create or the industry you are in? Do they have a diverse portfolio?
  • Capabilities and Personality – Video production is a process. You’ll want to make sure the crew you select are experienced and capable, but also communicative and reliable.

Also, look for client testimonials. Testimonials can give you an idea of the types of projects that the team has worked on, results they’ve helped produce and what working with them is like.

video production services new jersey

3. Make contact and dig deeper

Once you’ve reviewed samples and testimonials on a company website, the next step is to reach out and speak to a production company representative. Making this direct connection will get you the specific information you need more quickly and efficiently.

Some things you might want to consider ahead of time, or discuss with your prospective video production company may include:

  • What type of video do you want to create?
  • What goal or outcome do you wish for your video to achieve?
  • What services might you be looking for? This can include: developing an idea, scripting, casting, finding locations, acquiring props, facilitating a shoot, filming, editing footage into a video, recording a voiceover, sourcing music, among other things.
  • What budget do you have in mind?
  • How will you be distributing (broadcasting or sharing) this video?


While finding a trusted partner for any service can be overwhelming and even nerve-racking, the above tips on finding the best video production services in New Jersey are the most essential steps toward evaluating and targeting the best partner for your video production goals.

If your journey is just beginning, hopefully these three points of guidance will help narrow your search for the best video production services in New Jersey.  If you get stumped along the way, you can always give us a call for some personalized help. Happy hunting!


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