5 Ways To Evaluate A Video Production Company in NJ

5 Ways To Evaluate A Video Production Company in NJ

Using video content and video marketing strategies has proven to be the choice tool of many companies and individuals these days.  It’s no surprise! Video is a super-effective way to: engage and educate customers, support a high-quality, creative or tech-savvy brand image, or increase email opens and conversions.

These are the benefits an expert video production company in NJ can help bring to your NJ business.

Why hire a video production company in NJ?

Producing video content on your own can require significant investments in time and money, such as:

  • Acquiring or arranging a team dedicated to production work
  • Buying or renting the proper camera, lighting and editing equipment
  • Learning the extremely nuanced skills and best-practices of video production

It’s much more efficient to partner with an agency that already has the gear, the manpower and the skills.

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How do I hire the right video production company?

You’ll want to get to know a video production company to see if they’re right for your project. To get started, check out these five ways to evaluate a video production company in NJ:

1. Their Level Of Experience

There are a few ways to gauge a company’s experience. First, many companies will likely express their level of expertise on their website or in their collateral. If individuals from the company are on Linked In or other online portfolio sites, you can also look there for their experience, special talents and specialties.

Next, take a look at the depth and diversity of their samples. A experienced company will have managed a wide variety of productions and garnered experience in creative, planning and technical details from each one. The more experience they’ve had, the more successful they’re likely to be at executing your production in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Finally, when you reach out to a company, ask that they tell you about themselves. Ideally, they will have experience that spans many years, and they will employ or have access to crew-members with diverse capabilities and experienced backgrounds.

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2. View Samples Of Their Work

As mentioned above, a company experienced in producing digital media should have an online presence complete with samples of their work. Take some time to look through as many samples as possible. Examine them for things like:

  • Overall visual and sound quality
  • Creative style
  • Types of products or industries they’ve worked with
  • Types of content they’ve produced (web content, tv commercials, short film…)
  • Clarity or coherence of each video’s message

Select a few key pieces that stand out to you, and pursue further discussion about them once you reach out to a representative of the video production company.

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3. The Capabilities and Quality They Offer

You might not be an expert in video production equipment or terminology, so a video production company should be able to explain or demonstrate the range of capabilities they have to offer.  The most efficient way to understand capabilities is to:

  • Take a look at their online samples to get an idea of features you are interested in. (Visual and audio features, editing styles, graphics or animation, music, sound effects and more!)
  • Have a conversation with a representative to discuss your interests and project goals. They can explain the capabilities they would likely apply to your project, as well as any alternate options.
  • Be sure to discuss where you plan to place your video upon completion. Will it go on TV? Your website? Or, will it be used in live presentations?

Your video production company should be able to produce your final video files in optimized formats for easy upload to web, social media pages or mobile devices. They should also be able to properly prep or traffic a TV broadcast spot.

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4. Personality IS Important!

A client once commented to me that working with the right capabilities is important, yes, but so is working with people you truly enjoy partnering with and being around.  Creating a video production is a process, at times a lengthy one, that requires excellent communication, reliability, cooperation and positivity.

You want to be made to feel comfortable and confident, with the cooperation of your team.  The ideal video production team will have a can-do attitude throughout the entire process: in planning, during production, on set, and throughout the post-production stages. They should be prepared, focused, and ready for anything!

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5. Will They Be Your Partner?

Your partnership with a video production company in NJ should continue beyond wrapping on your first video together. Every production comes with an education, as does every partnership.  Seek out a company that doesn’t want to be “one-and-done”, but wants to learn from your shared experiences and apply them going forward.

A true partner will be intent on maximizing efficiency as well as your investment dollar. They will able to give you new ideas for content, or point out opportunities to capture fresh footage. They can also suggest ways to re-purpose footage you’ve already filmed together!


How you will select your video production company ultimately comes down to what is most important to you. You can evaluate video production companies in NJ based on their experience, capabilities, personality OR stewardship, but ideally you’ll find a great partner in a team that offers all of the above. So, what to do next? Reach out and start a conversation with a video production company in NJ. They just might be the partner you’ve been looking for!


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