5 Things That Contribute To The Cost Of Video Production In NJ

5 Things That Contribute To The Cost Of Video Production In NJ

Video Production has become so valued by businesses and individuals today because of the incredible benefits video marketing offers. Today, we can easily broadcast our own content across the internet, social media, via email and mobile devices, and we reap the benefits of engaging and educating our audiences.

It’s no secret that video production in NJ can be an investment in both time and money. Video production includes many variables that require experience, attention to detail and creativity not to mention the right technical skills.  Read on to learn about five things that contribute to the cost of a video production.

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1. Time

There are no two ways about it: It takes time to get things done!  For example, in pre-production alone it takes time to discuss what is to be achieved and set a schedule for planning, filming, editing and final delivery. Your producer and crew will need to utilize time to accomplish any or all of the following:

  • schedule and perform casting
  • scout locations
  • write scripts
  • purchase or build props
  • book studio time
  • book any extra crew members needed
  • book hair, makeup or wardrobe stylists

Time is a main contributing factor to the cost of your video production.

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2. Crew Size

You might think that crew size is something you can scrimp on, but that can be a disastrous mistake! It’s important to have the appropriate crew members to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency of your production.  For example, your production could require any or all of these essential crew members:

  • producer or executive producer
  • director
  • camera operators
  • production assistants
  • audio specialists
  • lighting specialists
  • hair and makeup artists
  • wardrobe stylists
  • script supervisors
  • creative directors
  • coordinators and more!

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3. Equipment

Most expert video production agencies will have up-to-date, high-quality camera, lighting and editing equipment. Depending on the size and specific nature of your video production, your video production team may seek to rent additional or specialized equipment. This can include audio gear, lighting, additional cameras and accessories, computers, or even general items like tables, drop cloths or carts.

video production nj

4. Locations

The location for filming your video is so important. Details like props and setting need to look authentic in order to enhance the engagement of your viewer. An unrealistic, or poor quality setting can take away from your product altogether.

Locations can be scouted (which takes a little time) and rented. Whether your video requires a large house, small apartment, retail store or corporate office, your video production agency can find a location. What’s even better, your production team can rent a studio space and build whatever setting you need. Locations and studios come with rental fees, and building a set will add costs depending on your needs.

If you have access to a location that you do not need to rent, of course reap the savings to your overall budget! But first, it’s wise to have a producer look it over to ensure there are no technical or creative issues with filming there.

video production nj

5. Stock Graphics, Music and Footage

Last, but totally not least: if you’re purchasing stock footage or images instead of or in addition to filming, it will take time for your producer, creative director, or other team members to search for the best stock files for your project.

There are dozens upon dozens of stock image and footage providers out there, and the task of finding the perfect content to fit your project deserves the investment in time.  Each stock file – whether it’s a photo, video clip or audio file – will come with a cost to purchase the file. Depending on the end-use of this file, there may also be costs for related licensing fees.


When budgeting your next video production in NJ, it can sure be tough to know where to give in order to take a little more somewhere else. We’ve covered some of the major cost variables above, but each video production project comes with it’s own specific range of specifications.

The easiest way to get started in formulating a budget or idea of cost is to have a discussion with an expert video production agency in NJ. They can help discuss options and propose a plan for execution that fits your ideas, your goals and your budget.

The best thing of all: having a discussion and getting a proposal from an expert NJ video production agency will cost you absolutely nothing at all!

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