News: One of our own recognized by NJ Ad Club Jersey’s Best Marketing Professionals under 40!

News: One of our own recognized by NJ Ad Club Jersey’s Best Marketing Professionals under 40!

Every year, the NJ Ad Club calls for nominations for Jersey’s Best, and the crew of inductees selected each year is always made up of some of NJ’s brightest and best creative and marketing talent.  This year, I was nominated for my role as Marketing Specialist here at Grey Sky Films and am proud to announce that I have been selected as one of Jersey’s Best!

Ok, so first off: It’s super weird for me to write a first-person blog post…. on MYSELF. But I wanted to express my thanks to the NJ Ad Club and congratulate the rest of those being recognized as Jersey’s Best.  I also wanted to share with our clients and blog readers, a little bit about how and why I run the GSF blog.  One of my priorities as Marketing Specialist for Grey Sky Films is to write posts that I think will be useful to our client audience, and I hope you find these benefits from the GSF blog:

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Updates on Industry Trends and Developments

I know how overwhelming it can be to keep up with the ever-changing trends and specifications of video, social media platforms, or content in general.  So, one of the things I do is read and curate industry statistics, reports, social media developments and specifications, so that I can deliver what I find to be the most important information to our client audience.

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Ideas and Information to Stimulate Creativity

So many of our readers are creatives and marketing professionals with a lot of their own creativity. Sometimes we all just need a little brainstorming power to formulate new ideas. I seek to publish posts with samples of our work or others’ work, so that marketing professionals, brand managers, creative directors and business owners can actually see many different ideas in one place.  I frequently like to take a video sample and explain how it could potentially work if tweaked slightly, in an attempt to stimulate the imaginations of our viewers on how a sample video could be changed to fit their business.

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Responses to Your Biggest Questions and Concerns

I believe the success of any business falls to knowing your customer, what they want and what they need, even if they don’t know they need it.  I keep close contact with both the production team and the business development team at Grey Sky Films so that I can be in touch with what our clients are asking, requesting or creating! What are the hot topics? Where is there a lot of confusion? So if you work or speak with other members of the GSF team, rest assured your biggest questions and concerns don’t go unheard!

I hope to continue sharing our best work with you, as well as content that helps you with your creative or strategic marketing goals, so we can all keep putting out some of Jersey’s Best work!

Thank you!

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