Our Video Production Office named one of the COOLEST by NJ Biz!

Our Video Production Office named one of the COOLEST by NJ Biz!

New Jersey’s only weekly business journal, NJBiz, recently named Grey Sky Films’ video production office and studio as one of the coolest spaces in NJ!

If you’ve never visited our space, you can take a quick tour right here of the five coolest rooms at Grey Sky Films HQ:

video production nj

1. The Beach

Our break room, otherwise known as “The Beach”, is a the best place to hang out.  In between video productions, it’s the perfect place to grab healthy snacks at the “Snack Shack”, or enjoy lunch at the picnic table next to a seaside mural in the relaxing glow of festive tiki lights, and with the gentle sounds of crashing waves (made by our little sound machine!)

The best thing about The Beach might just be our X-Arcade video game machine and our air-hockey table which also converts to table tennis.  So, who’s up for a game of Ms. Pac Man?

 video production nj

2.  The Video Production Studio

It’s pretty fun to go to work in a video production studio every day.  We’re surrounded by the lights, gear and other equipment utilized to make exciting and creative projects.  Our in-house studio features a white-screen and green-screen filming area set directly next to the open layout of work-spaces our production team inhabits.

video production nj

3. The Post-Production Studio

This is, as they say, where the magic happens. This is where our editing team sits to work with footage, effects, audio, and other assets to develop the final videos for our clients.  The post-production studio is kept fairly quiet and dim, so that editors can see nuances in color and visual quality, while using headphone to listen in on the audio for projects.

Needless to say, the post-production studio has the calm, creative vibe needed to commit the countless hours toward perfecting each and every video project!

video production nj

4.  The Men’s Room

You read that correctly: The Men’s Room.  The Men’s room walls are plastered with record album covers from all genres of punk, rock, metal and more. Most of the crew here at Grey Sky Films loves music, and the roots of the company originated in producing content for the music industry!

We also play live rock music in this room to give it the feel of being in the restroom at a rock club. Space out too much while washing your hands and you may just forget where you are!

video production nj

5. The Conference Room

While this may be the most straightforward room out of the bunch, we just really love the conference room.  It’s bright but cozy.  The walls are filled with posters showcasing some of our most creative and exciting client projects, while a clean white conference table and bright orange chairs punctuate the seating area.

We also love the bar, which is a fun shape and comes in handy at every open-house and event we host!

Thanks to the creative works of boutique interior design company Grace & Chaos, we really do have one of the most fun creative spaces in all of NJ!  Read the full article in this week’s issue of NJBiz, or check it out online!

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