How Can a Web Video Production Company Help Upgrade My Website?

How Can a Web Video Production Company Help Upgrade My Website?

The importance of your company’s website cannot be overstated. Your website is the foundation of all of your online marketing efforts. It allows you to position your company and provide valuable content to inform and help potential customers.

However, when it comes to content, it has to be of high quality to be effective. When it comes to high quality content, nothing is as effective as video. Because of this, working with a web video production company can be extremely beneficial.

A web video production company will not only ensure that the video content posted on your site is of professional quality, but that it is an effective part of your overall marketing strategy as well. The following are just a few benefits that a web video production company can provide to your website:

web video production company1. Impress First-Time Visitors

The use of video content on your website will automatically help to improve your site’s design. This is because your site will become more visually dynamic and engaging, which is important for creating a strong first impression on first-time visitors.

If you leave a poor or average impression on first-time visitors, they won’t stick around for very long or return. The use of web videos will also make your site appear much less boring compared to sites that depend heavily – or solely – on the use of text.

There are tons of ways that your web video content can help achieve this. For example, an overview video that introduces your company, a video tour that explains what they’ll find on your website, and informational videos that provide more details about your company, products or services can all help leave a strong first impression on first-time visitors.

2. Improve Your Company’s Brand Authority

One of the goals that many businesses have in terms of inbound marketing is to use content to build their brand authority. By providing valuable content to consumers, you can build a reputation as an authority on your particular niche within your industry. This, in turn, will help to improve not just awareness of your brand, but also help to foster loyalty and trust with your audience.

A web video production company can help you to improve your brand authority with content like video press releases, video product or service launches and instructional videos or newsletters. Moreover, they can easily infuse brand-right colors, logos and messaging into every one of your videos.

3. Strengthen Your Brand Identity

You can use web videos to strengthen your brand identity because they allow you to show visitors who your company is in a much more accurate and personal way. For example, video bios of your employees or teams can show consumers the actual human beings they will be working with, making it easier for them to connect with you on a personal level.

Transparency is also highly valued by customers these days. You can post interviews or Q&A’s with various members of your company’s leadership, as well as behind-the-scenes footage, to provide viewers with an inside look into your organization.

web video production company4. Engage More Effectively With Visitors

Web videos simply drive more engagement than other types of content because people are more attracted to visual content. A visitor is much more likely to view an entire video than read an entire blog post, which means you’ll have a better chance at converting consumers through the use of video.

You can engage even further with video by encouraging comments and engaging in discussions on your video comment sections. If driving engagement is a specific goal, you could even hold video contests that allow consumers to upload their own videos.

5. Boost Web Traffic

It’s difficult to talk about online marketing without mentioning SEO (search engine optimization). SEO focuses on improving your site’s search engine ranking to help increase the exposure of your site on search engine results pages – such as Google. Search engines use numerous factors to determine search engine rankings, including the use of keywords, social signals and external links.

The following are a few ways that you can improve your site’s SEO (thereby attracting more web traffic) through the use of video:

Use keywords

Keywords that are relevant to your video’s subject matter should be used in the video title, page URL, video tags and even the description of the video. Keywords not only help Google and other search engines to identify your video content, but also help consumers look for the type of content you provide to find your site.

Increase social signals

Search engines use social signals, such as likes, comments and shares, to determine how popular a video is. A video that is popular can often be deemed of high quality (why else would it be popular, after all?). By adding social share buttons and comment sections to the videos on your site, you can boost the video’s social signals.

6. Create More In-Depth Product Demonstrations

Because of the way online marketing works, many visitors will come to your site with only a general idea of what your product is or what it does. The use of videos to demonstrate your product can be hugely effective.

It will be much easier for visitors to grasp the ins and outs of your product through visual means than through text. For example, you can create a video tutorial on how to use your product, show videos of your product in action or use video to showcase what your product is and what it does.

web video production company7. Earn Extra Money

Believe it or not, but you can actually earn money with the use of your videos. This can be done by placing advertising on your video pages, charging customers to download longer, more in-depth videos or selling a sponsorship for a video podcast.

As you can see, the use of video can greatly improve your website in more than a few ways. To ensure your videos are effective, you’ll want to work with a professional web video production company.
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