Follow These 5 Steps to Find the Best Production Company in NY

Follow These 5 Steps to Find the Best Production Company in NY

If you’re seeking an expert provider of video production services in NY, your search for the best company can often involve many steps, and getting started can often be the hardest step of them all.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone could hand you a map with “X” marks the spot – and in this case the “X” stands for “Expert”!

Well, consider this post your road-map to finding NY production companies worthy of being called: “The Best”! Your trip might have a few bumps, and maybe a few pit stops for tasty snacks and refueling, but overall these simple steps should lead you directly toward finding the best production company in NY to produce your creative or professional video content.

the perfect destination for ny production companies

Step 1: Pick a Destination

With regard to planning a trip, this is usually the most obvious step. When it comes to planning a video production, however, you’d be surprised how many people don’t consider exactly where they are headed with their video production. Some things to consider before looking for the right production company:

  • What type of video do you want to have?
  • Where do you plan to use it? (On your website, at a trade show booth, in a live presentation or email?)
  • What reaction do you hope it generates? (Drive traffic to your website? Introduce a product? Increase sales?)

Your answers to the above questions, as well as some of the details discussed in Step 2, will help you seek out a production company that is a good fit for you and your goals.


Step 2: Pack Your Things

If you’re a hyper-organized nerd such as myself, you get excited about the “Pack Your Things” phase of a trip. It means thinking ahead about where you’re going, and planning for everything you will need in that place, as well as ensuring that you’ll be comfortable along the way.

Preparing for a video production project is no different than preparing for a trip. There’s lots to do.  It might also mean writing a list or ten! Am I the only one who gets excited about writing lists? Anyone? Anyway, some of the details you’ll want to consider and coordinate before reaching out to prospective production companies:

  • Do you have a concept in mind, or will you need help with creative or strategic planning?
  • What can or will be filmed for your video: people? interview? scripted action? a product? an event?
  • If you’re filming an event, class, or activity, how many hours or even days might it take?
  • If you’re not filming, will you utilize stock videos or images? Animated text, objects or characters?
  • What budget range do you have in mind for this project?

While there are many more details to be flushed out, considering these details will help you look for video production companies that offer the specific services that you need, and have expertise in producing the type of video you wish to create.

the traits that make up the best ny production companies

Step 3: Select Your Carrier

Knowing what you want to create and what services you may need is essential to finding a company that best fits your needs. In searching online for a video production company, consider three common types of production providers:

  • Videographers: Typically for weddings, sports games, or events with a somewhat straightforward formula.
  • Production Crews: Teams prepared to perform specific services or operate equipment.
  • A Video Production Agency: A full-service company that offers everything from strategic and creative planning to execution.

Knowing what type of company you think is a good fit for your goals and needs will help you utilize the right keywords and terminology in an online search. Start on your favorite search engine (Google, Bing, AltaVista for those of you with time machines) to find some viable candidates to continue looking into and making contact with.

the different providers for ny production companies

Step 4: Get the Lay of the Land

Now that you’ve found some prospective video production companies to reach out to, it’s time to get a deeper look at what they have to offer, by taking a look at their websites. Ideally a company offering video production services will have an online portfolio with samples of their work. Some things to look for:

  • Portfolio: Do they have diverse experience? Do you see the type of video you’d like to have, or something similar?
  • Quality: does their work look and sound professional?
  • Capabilities: Do they offer the services you need? Do they claim to specialize in anything specific?
  • Personality: Video production is a process. You’ll want to make sure the company you select is, cooperative, communicative, and an overall good fit for you and your business or brand.
  • Reputation: Look for testimonial comments from current or recent clients. Testimonials can give you an idea of the types of projects that the crew or team has worked on, they type of results they’ve provided, and how they were to work with.

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Step 5: Put The Wheels in Motion

Once you’ve gotten the lay of the land and have your sights set on some prospective video production companies, it’s time to take some action.

You’re well-prepared with your resources and information, and it’s time to make contact and discuss your project with a representative of the company in mind. A company representative should be ready and willing to help you discuss your project needs as well as your overall professional or creative goals.

Don’t forget: while video production is a fun and challenging journey, nobody rides for free. It is always helpful to have an idea of budget when discussing your goals with a production partner.

It can help the company to understand the threshold for your investment, and can help them develop realistic ways to achieve your goals without wasting your (or their) time.

I have no doubt that as you start to meet some prospective “traveling” companions, that soon enough you’ll find one that gels with your needs as well as your work and communication style.

It may take a few conversations, as well as some proposals and quotes from a few different companies, but this is where the action happens, and where you finally have the education and final decision-making criteria on hand to select the best production company for you. No doubt that by this time you’ll be ready to pass the point of no return and bring that production on home.
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