10 of the Best Product Demo Videos & Why They’re So Effective

10 of the Best Product Demo Videos & Why They’re So Effective

Product demo videos are one of the most effective ways to support online sales and marketing, by showcasing a product and nurturing viewer engagement and prospective buyers. Audiences want to be able to see a product in action in order to understand how it works and see if it’s right for them.

Gone are the days of basic text explanations and boring photos! A simple write up or even a series of images just doesn’t cut it these days. For today’s modern shoppers, viewing much information online and via mobile device, it’s much more effective to provide an explanation of your product’s capabilities with engaging visuals, as product demo videos do.

Keep in mind, having a product demo video professionally produced can provide a much greater benefit overall. A professional video production company can help develop the most effective approach to demonstrate how your product works, and can create high-quality visuals that keep viewers interested. To give you an idea of what a successful product demo videos look like, the following are ten outstanding examples:

1. Dawn “Dawn Saves Wildlife”

Dawn released a series of product demo videos that were also part of a documentary series. In the series, Dawn’s dishwashing liquid was used to clean the oil off of ducks who were victims of an oil spill in the Gulf Coast.

Although the product isn’t being used in the typical fashion (on dishes), seeing it effectively clean oil from bird feathers shows how great of a product it is, while simultaneously casting a positive light on Dawn’s overall brand image as a caring, responsible company.

2. Blendtec “Will it Blend?”

What does a blender do? It blends things! And Blendtec’s product demo series show just that…and more! Blendtec’s made their product demo videos much more interesting and incredibly entertaining by casting an engaging host presenter and taking suggestions from their audience on what to blend.

They’ve blended everything from a golf club to Old Spice! Product demo videos really stand out from the crowd, are incredibly shareable, and completely memorable.

3. Volvo “The Epic Split”

Volvo’s Epic Split video features Jean Claude Van Damme performing stunts while simultaneously demonstrating the precision handling of Volvo trucks.

The video is shot as a slow reveal of Van Damme doing a split between two Volvo trucks riding backwards, which shows off their incredible precision. Not only did this product demo do its job, it went viral because of the original and creative manner in which it was created.

4. Google Chrome “Jess Time”

Google’s product demo video not only shows how Google Chrome is used, but also shows how it affects the people using it. The video showcases a daughter and her father interacting with each other through various apps provided by Google Chrome while she is at college.

Not only does it tug at the heartstrings, but it shows how integrated Google Chrome has become in people’s lives for the better.


5. Groupon “What is Groupon?”

Groupon’s product demo video is relatively simple, but still extremely effective. The video describes exactly what Groupon is, how it works, and how to use it – all within the span of 30 seconds!

The information is conveyed through a combination of narration, typography, animation and motion graphics, making it engaging, easy to understand, and highly effective.

6. Dollar Shave Club “Our Blades are F-ing Great”

Fully understanding your audience and who you’re speaking to is very important when creating product demo videos. Dollar Shave Club’s video is a great example of content that is stylized to its target audience.

This product demo is instantly engaging, from the way it’s shot,  to the setting and props, to the humorously edgy way the script and information is delivered. The video’s host speaks explains all the benefits of the dollar shave club, combined with the use of humor (and swear words) to connect with their target audience in a unique way.

7. Honda “Paper”

Honda went the creative route by making a product demo video that combined illustration with stop motion to show a wide range of different Honda vehicles in action.

Their video lacks any kind of narration, instead choosing to showcase the innovation of their designs and the different ways their vehicles can be used.

8. Tempur-Pedic “Wine Glass”

Tempur-Pedic made a name for themselves by making their product demo video a marketing campaign in itself. Their wine glass video showed how soft yet stable their mattresses were by having people dancing around on top of the mattress while a glass of wine stood undisturbed on the edge.

The video is extremely clever in that it shows you everything you need to know about the mattress without having to use any narration.

9. Pepsi “The Pepsi Challenge”

Pepsi’s product demo videos showed consumers taste testing two unmarked beverages, one containing Pepsi and the other containing Coca Cola.

Their product demo seemingly showed proof that they were superior to their competitor – and what was particularly ingenious was that these product demo videos also worked as customer testimonials.

10. PointKit “Simple and Beautiful Project Collaboration”

PointKit showcases their software by breaking down how it works in steps. They used voice over narration and their own screen casts to show viewers how to navigate and use their software.

This product demo video truly focuses on the most effective way that they can demonstrate their product. When it comes to more complicated software like PointKit, simplicity is often the best way to go.

These ten excellent, and unique, examples of product video demos should give you some inspiration for your own! For greater creative assistance, and to ensure your video is visually of high-quality, work with a professional video production company.

A video production company will have the equipment, skills and experience that’s required to create professional quality video content that meets all of your marketing goals, including demonstrating your products the most unique and effective way!
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