Featured Client: Product Videos for Skone Cosmetics

Featured Client: Product Videos for Skone Cosmetics

We recently worked with beauty brand Skone Cosmetics to produce a professional-quality, high-energy suite of branded product videos. Like most modern marketers, the marketing team behind Skone knows that product videos add multiple levels of value to a brand, such as:

  • Support and enhancement of brand image, recall and recognition.
  • Improvement of organic rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Considerable increase to conversions and product sales.

In addition to the benefits product videos generate online, they also help communicate the overall brand image and quality. Style elements like music, lighting, editing style, pacing, and on-screen text and color schemes help product videos to immediately set the tone of the brand and resonate with viewers.

product videosBehind The Scenes of the Production

To support the company’s brand image and marketing, these videos needed to be professional and modern, with a high-energy, rockin’ vibe!

To make sure we achieved this, we styled and capture diverse shots of the models and the product.  This gives the editors many options, so they can create a rich end-product full of movement and visual impact.

Product Videos That POP on all Platforms

Viewers can often be in different mindsets, depending on where they’re viewing the video. For example, viewers are in a more passive browsing mindset on social media platforms like Facebook, so it’s essential to create impactful visuals that capture attention within the first split-second of the video.

Videos viewed on YouTube or at the point-of-sale (company’s website or online store, or a third-party site like Amazon) are often discovered because the viewer was actively searching and shopping. So their purchase intent is higher to begin with!

Product VideosNext, it’s important to provide the information that supports buyer consideration. On-screen text callouts communicate the features and benefits of a product, and do so without requiring audio.

An efficient way to use your product videos effectively on different platforms is to have your video production team produce videos that work across all. Or, have them produce slightly different versions for each.

It’s worth it to make these minor changes while they’re already editing; It’s a simple, strategic approach that can drastically improve your content’s effectiveness.

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