5 Things Your Television Production Company in NYC Needs to be Awesome

5 Things Your Television Production Company in NYC Needs to be Awesome

A wise man once said, “Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome when we’re living our dream.” Okay, it wasn’t necessarily a wise man, it was a Lego® character; but, I still think this statement rings true: being part of a team is awesome!

And, it also happens to be the first thing on our list of 5 things television production companies in NYC needs to be awesome…what a coincidence!

1. A Team

Having a team makes for an awesome television production company because they know how to work together like a well-oiled machine. Some production companies may have a full in-house team, while others have an established network or group of experienced freelancers that they frequently rely upon.

Whatever method of staffing they utilize, the great thing about your video production company having a regular team dynamic is that they know how to work together, and they are all working to achieve a common goal for you: the client!

traits of tv production companies nyc

2. Equipment

You’re probably thinking, “Well, this is an obvious one!” But there’s more to being awesomely equipped than simply owning a camera and some lights. It’s important to find a television production company that takes care of their equipment, keeps it up to date, and has knowledge of the latest and greatest in available production technology.

Also, if you can find a television production company in NYC that owns a lot of their own gear, this can help you save some money on equipment rental fees.

equipment of television production companies in nyc

3. Happy Clients

Any television production company in NYC can tell you that they are awesome, but it’s what their clients think that really counts. Ask to see some samples of production work that they have done for other clients, as well as testimonials from existing or former clients.

You can even ask for references that you can call directly. Hearing about another person’s experience with the company can give you a lot of insight into just how awesome they really are!

4. Strategic Minds

Did you ever get a Lego® set and build according to the instructions, but then realize that you can make a whole bunch of other objects using the same pieces? Well just like Legos®, video footage can be re-purposed and rearranged to create additional content.

So make sure that your television production company is thinking strategically about your production, and also knows how to help you build additional content from the footage captured for your television production.

best traits of television production companies in nyc

5. A Positive Attitude

Just like those fun Lego® characters have a smile plastered to their little yellow heads, you want a television production company that approaches projects and challenges with a smile and a little PMA. That’s right, some good old fashioned Positive Mental Attitude can make a big difference.

It can mean the difference between enjoying the television production process versus dreading it. Every project has it’s own set of unique challenges; working with a company that is encouraging and positive will help you shoot for the stars!

Hopefully after reading this you have a better idea of what sets some production companies apart, and what to look for if you want to work with an AWESOME television production company.

Or maybe this article has just inspired you to go play with Legos®. In which case, may I recommend checking out the Lego® website. They have some pretty cool stuff on there… but we have some pretty cool stuff on our website too!

All photos credit: FranMoff @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/franmoff/
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