5 Ways To Use Video Production Right Now For Your NJ Business

5 Ways To Use Video Production Right Now For Your NJ Business

If you’ve been looking into video production to help enhance the marketing of your NJ business, you’ve probably learned that video production, from conception to completion, can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. You also know that the success of your video content relies on proper planning and strategy.

When something seems so far off in the future – such as the approaching holiday season – it can be hard to make it a priority. But, when the holidays or New Year comes, you’ll be glad you thought ahead and had some content ready to unleash on those who are most critical to the success of your business, be it your staff, your investors, your colleagues or your customers.

If you haven’t started thinking about your holiday or New Year content, NOW is the time! Here are five simple ideas of how to use video production in your NJ business right now:

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1.  Say Thank You to Customers and Clients

Do you aim to infuse personal relationships in everything your company does? Do your clients know your staff or key leaders of your company by name and face? Establishing and maintaining a personal connection with customers and clients is important to any business.

With one well-coordinated production shoot, employees and key members of company leadership can be filmed delivering personal thank-you messages and well-wishes to your clientele. All of these statements can be edited together with music and even images or film footage of clients or events from throughout the year. You can also provide your customers, donors, or investors with an inside look at something they helped to build, create, or facilitate in the past year.

2.  A Message from Your Fearless Leader

A personalized year-end or holiday message from a company owner, CEO, or a department head is always great way to let each employee or team-member know that they matter, and that their hard work is appreciated. Creating this type of video can be as simple as scripting and delivering a short but sweet message on-camera.

Whether used internally or externally, a message from the head-honcho is a very valuable piece of content! With minor adjustments to the script, two different versions can easily be filmed in the same shoot: one for employees and staff, and one for customers, clients, or investors. Employees feel supported and thanked, while customers feel important and more connected to the brand from top to bottom!

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3.  A Year-End Recap

Aside from heartfelt messages intended to deliver holiday cheer or New Year‘s inspiration, video can be used for internal communications to recap your largest goals and initiatives and to inform (or inspire!) your team or bosses on where you stand as you head into the New Year.

Did your marketing team pull off some incredible campaigns this past year? Did you increase client base or online sales with some great creative or strategic work? Capture the most powerful images and assets used during the year, and report your most impressive statistics with an engaging and powerful video reel that shows just how creative and tech savvy your department really is!

4.  An Annual Report (That Won’t Make Them Snooze)

Every year, many companies spend hours upon hours to create annual reports that get printed into hefty booklets. Printing and distributing these physical reports can be quite costly for an item that is likely to be skimmed and tossed aside. Let’s be real: text is boring.

The same information can be communicated in an engaging and informative video. Video helps create a clearer and more memorable understanding of events or information as well as a sense of connection or emotional response. Give investors, colleagues, or other supporters an inside look at your biggest events, creations, developments, and achievements with an annual report video.

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5.  Kickoff the New Year!

One simple video can be used across-the-board for customers, clients, investors, colleagues and employees alike. Use this video to discuss what’s ahead, your most important goals or commitments, and how you plan to get there together.

There are some simple ways this can be achieved in video production: deliver a scripted (but not stiff!) message on-camera, or have a voiceover of your message recorded to accompany your video’s visuals. Your video’s visuals can be created in a few different ways: film simple B-roll shots including your office, factory or warehouse, team-members, related products, awards, or even client testimonials. You can also curate existing footage, stock footage, or images from your own events.

Take charge of the New Year at your company by having this rallying content ready to go live in January. Launch it via email, or on your company website to kick off your New Year with a bang!


All of these video production concepts can be executed in a number of ways, and easily scaled to include whatever information your company feels is most important. What is most essential is that you start planning sooner than later!

The Holidays and New Year will be here faster than you can say “They’re setting up decorations already?!!”, so start planning today and take advantage of this special, emotional and often motivational time of year!



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