How to Evaluate Video Production Companies in NJ

How to Evaluate Video Production Companies in NJ

As you set sail on your journey to find a reliable and trustworthy video production company, you’ll need to know how to sort the “Captains” from the “Gilligans”, and find a crew that will make your next video venture a breeze.

Well I’m here to help, and don’t worry: this ain’t no three-hour-tour. Read on as I give you some quick and effective advice on how to evaluate video production companies in NJ.

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How Easy Video Production Companies in NJ To Find?

Hopefully your video production provider can be found on the internet, otherwise who knows what other technological advances have passed them by!  Most searches these days begin online, and ideally you’ll want a video production company that is active enough in their industry, and tech-savvy enough, to be turning up in the first page of an online search.

If you’re searching outside of the digital space (You mean real life? Gasp!) you’ll want to find a video production company that is as integrated and active in their industry or local business community as any other established business. Find one that belongs to, and is quite active in, business associations or local chambers of commerce.

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Are They Answering Your Questions?

Ideally, a well-established and ambitious video production company will put forth a lot of information and visuals to help you understand what they have to offer. This can include: a current website, easily accessible portfolio samples, well-written or video blogs and other informational and educational items.

Education should continue on in your face-to-face conversations as well. Getting started with any video production is a process, and you’ll want to work with a company that helps unearth the nuances of this process for you and guide you through it confidently.

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They Give You A Lot To Look At

Expert video production companies should offer an array of video samples for you to view. It’s beneficial to see the range of capabilities or experience they offer, or if they have a diverse client base. It may also help you to know if they focus or specialize in any particular industry or type of production.

Though samples help you understand quite a bit about a company’s capabilities, be sure to inquire about samples that may specifically relate to your video production goals and preferences.

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Making Contact is a Positive Experience

I may have mentioned earlier (and in some other blog posts): video production is a process. It involves a great amount of organization and planning, communication and teamwork. You’ll want to make sure you’re working with a team that not only knows their stuff, but also is a pleasure to work with.

From the moment you reach out to a prospective video production agency, evaluate their work ethic, values, and attitude! It’s super-beneficial if they have a positive attitude that will translate to your video production project.

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They Have A Tried-And-True Process

Any experienced video production company should have a process that acts like a compass, and guides you and the entire team through all phases of production. It’s the road map that helps ensure you reach your destination: success!

They should be able to explain the process to you, and also be flexible enough to accommodate any particular variables of your video production.

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They Give You a Thorough Proposal

A great video production company will take everything you’ve discussed and create an official proposal that breaks down creative approach, strategy, and even schedule. The proposal should be in line with all of your previous discussions as well as your future expectations.

Budget should also be addressed in the proposal, and broken down so that you can understand where costs are coming from. This will help you understand what options you have and how to compare them ‘apples-to-apples’.

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They Understand The World Beyond Production

Your video production may start with planning and end with a completed video, but book-ending that process are a lot of other activities, details or technologies that relate to the success of your video!

For example, your video may need to fit a corporate strategy or seamlessly integrate with an existing campaign. Your video file may need to be exported to specifications supported by your company intranet or hosting platform. Or, perhaps you want your video produced for full-screen HD viewing, but also need smaller excerpts formatted and created to specifications for sharing on Twitter and Instagram.

When evaluating a video production company in NJ, it’s beneficial if that they also understand video marketing, video hosting platforms, social media, as well as general sales, marketing and presentation practices.


There is always a lot to learn and consider when picking a potential service provider or partner of any kind. By referencing the seven qualities above, you’ll have a great head-start toward finding a video production company in NJ worth partnering with.

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