5 Things That Make a Video Production Company in New Jersey Effective

5 Things That Make a Video Production Company in New Jersey Effective

5 Things That Make a Video Production Company in New Jersey Effective

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of what makes a video production company effective, it does highlight some of the most important qualities.  Being born and bred in New Jersey myself may make me a bit biased, but I feel safe in saying that there isn’t just “something in the water” that makes a NJ company great.

These five things have a bit more to do with it…


1. Being in NJ!

New Jersey is no stranger to film and video production, as the state has many diverse and attractive features. Widely accessible, NJ is the backyard of two major US cities – New York and Philadelphia – and is home to one of the country’s major seaports.  New Jersey has urban cities and historic towns, highways, mountains, sprawling farms and miles of beaches.

New Jersey is also home to thousands of globally-reaching businesses, specifically those in manufacturing, food and beverage, as well as medical and pharmaceutical.  With this massive variety in culture, lifestyle, industry and environment, a video production company run by New Jersey natives comes equipped with a built-in bounty of experience and opportunity.

New Jersey is a diverse place full of competition. A New Jersey video production company with well-rounded experience is sure to be highly effective at helping you achieve your goals and realize your vision.

2. Knowing the Ropes

This expression likely came from ship captains and sailors knowing how to use the ropes and tie various knots that would operate the sails and perform other functions to operate a ship.  In a video production company, just like on a ship, someone who “knows the ropes” not only knows each rope and knot’s individual function, but knows how all of these details come together to keep the “ship” sailing smoothly and on course.

A video production company with experience in a variety of productions, ranging from commercials, to corporate videos, to films and documentaries, will prove to be most effective. Each of these past experiences will have contributed to the knowledge and talent it takes to run a smooth and successful production.

3. Leadership

A highly effective video production company will not only have the experience and expertise to answer your questions and concerns about video production, but will be able to take the reigns and lead the way, should you need them to.

Leadership qualities should become apparent at your earliest contact with an effective video production company.  A video production can sometimes begin because someone has a creative idea they with to execute. At other times, they may simply have a business goal to strive for, an over-arching campaign idea to generate content for, or an idea of budget with which to produce some additional marketing content.

A video production company should never turn you away simply because you don’t know exactly what you want to film or edit, and they shouldn’t sit back waiting for you to come up with every small detail; rather, they should be effective in leading you through a series of discovery conversations and creative or strategic proposals.


4. Being Lean and Mean (but Nice!)

As my colleague Emily mentioned in another recent blog post, an effective video production company will be made up of cooperative team members that know how to multi-task, work efficiently and operate with a “can-do” attitude.

Video production can at times require a rather hefty financial investment. An effective video production company will be able to evaluate the number of crew and hours required to accomplish what is needed, while also considering ways to keep your production as lean as possible to help you avoid potentially unnecessary costs.

At the same time, hard work and a busy schedule should never come at the cost of a positive attitude.  An effective team will be able to be proactive and positive at the same time, working together to tackle any obstacle that may come along.

5. Strategic Capabilities

As I stated in the introduction, in addition to the many features of NJ that are sought out to serve as Hollywood backdrops, there’s are also a wide variety of businesses, corporations and creative agencies that make use of video production to achieve professional goals.

An effective video production company will have experience producing video content for marketing, sales, training, presentation, and corporate image. They will also have an understanding of video marketing best practices, content marketing strategy, buyer personas, and other efforts that compliment the actual video production process itself.

Crafting a video that accomplishes the goals of engagement, education, or even conversion takes some additional experience and talent in understanding key business initiatives and goals, and how to convert those to a video product that will yield results.



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