The 4 Truths of Video Production in New York

The 4 Truths of Video Production in New York

One of the issues that a lot of companies have when it comes to creating their own video content is that the final videos they create don’t always capture their vision or ideal message. It’s critical that a clear message gets delivered within the time frame of the video; And, it’s important to invest in high-quality production, for the benefit of your brand image.

Both of these goals can be achieved with the assistance of a professional video production company. In addition, you also need to focus on the impact the video will have on your audience after it’s been posted and how it fits in with your marketing strategy overall. To do this, you will need to know and understand the following four truths of video production in New York.

video production new york1. A Call-To-Action is a Must-Have!

You might have one of the best pieces of video content you’ve ever created. It’s short, it makes audiences laugh, it’s extremely effective in outlining the main benefit of your product and the production value is out of this world.

The only problem? It doesn’t have a call-to-action. You’ve managed to capture their attention, arouse their interest and fire up their desire, the only step left is to incite action.

How are viewers going to know what you want them to do if you don’t tell them? What is it you want them to do? You could ask viewers to do any of the following:

  • Visit a specific page
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Contact you for more information or for a quote
  • Download long-form content, such as an eBook

You can even embed a link into your video as part of your call-to-action that viewers can click on. It’s extremely easy for viewers to leave your video page and take their attention elsewhere. Make it just as easy for them to continue on to learn more or take action.

2. Think Bigger with Your Video Marketing Strategy

I’m not talking about tripling your budget or turning a simple interview video into a massive production with explosions and helicopters! I’m talking about expanding your strategy for using video to complement other marketing initiatives and business-wide goals.

For example, you can produce video content to live on your website (bolstering your SEO), and share on social media, while also distributing via email or live presentations. At the same time, video footage can be multi-purposed, creating any other number of video deliverables that can be used throughout your business.

Create a video to play at a private event to promote internal energy or to share with the press to enhance brand image. Create a video that can be used for recruiting or on-boarding new staff members.

There are many ways to think about using the same footage with variations in editing, dialogue, voiceover, length and tone to create various video ‘products’ that work together to a greater power.

video production new york3. Video Content Must Be Consistent

Consistency is key to all forms of content marketing. Consistency means a number of things. The following are the three areas where consistency is most important:

Publish content consistently

It’s best to publish videos regularly so that you can retain the audience you build. For example, if a person watches a video and likes it, they’ll expect you to release another one soon.

Not only should you publish new video content regularly, it’s helpful to publish them on the same days and time. This will allow viewers to know when to expect it.

Promote content consistently

If you don’t regularly promote your content as soon as you publish it, you’re going to have difficulty attracting new viewers. You need to promote new video content by notifying people on your email list as well as posting it on your social media pages.

The content itself must be consistent in tone

Creating a video that uses outlandish humor and a general tone of excitement is fine. However, if you follow that up with a somber video that has a serious tone and look, you’re in trouble.

The viewers of your first video are going to expect something similar next time around. If you don’t give it to them, you might lose them as part of your audience.

Your content’s tone has to be consistent so that the audience knows who you are. Consistency helps to build your brand’s identity.

video production new york4. You Must Use Analytics to Judge the Performance of Your Videos

You won’t know how your video performed unless you use analytics. Analytics can help you identify what works and what doesn’t. This can help avoid wasting any more resources creating video content that is ineffective. The following are some of the more important metrics to track:

The number of views

This is a helpful metric when you’re comparing your new videos to older videos. This can demonstrate if your audience has been growing.

The watch time

This metric shows you the average time of your video that’s being watched. If it’s three minutes long and the average watch time is only 30 seconds, you may want to revisit your video content.

Engagement metrics

If your video got a lot of likes, shares and comments, it means that it was effective at engaging your viewers.

Click-through rate

You’ll want a high rate of viewers to have clicked on your call-to-action. If that click-through rate is low, either your content isn’t effective or your call-to-action isn’t effective.

These are the four truths of video production in New York. Your video content is only going to go so far if you don’t adhere to these truths. This is exactly why it’s so important to work with a professional video production company that can help implement them.
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