Where Can I Go for Video Production Services in NJ?

Where Can I Go for Video Production Services in NJ?

Where Can I Go for Video Production Services in NJ?

If you’re searching for video production services, the more specific you are about your exact needs the more efficient your search will be. Video production services can include many different things: Perhaps you need someone to film a presentation and supply you with the raw footage. Maybe you already have an existing video but need some on-screen text or voice-over within that video to be updated. Or, perhaps you have a marketing campaign planned for next quarter and you’d like a video component and you need a team to develop a creative idea that fits your budget and strategy.

The three scenarios above are examples of how video production needs and services can vary.  If you’re seeking production services in NJ or the greater NYC area, your search will be more effective if you understand the different types of providers available, and have a good idea of exactly which services and capabilities you are in need of.

Video Production services

Types of Production Service Providers

While not every single individual or company fits one of the following profiles, for the sake of simple comparison, I’ve grouped together three  most common types of production experts:

  • Videographers
  • Production Crews (Or specific members)
  • A Video Production Agency

Videographers – Typically a videographer is utilized to film weddings, sports games, or similar events. These events follow a somewhat routine format or formula when it comes to filming and editing. They are also less likely to require extra equipment or extensive creative direction. This makes the plan for execution fairly straightforward and manageable by a few-man operation.

Production Crews – Perhaps you have a concept developed, a script written, shots conceptualized and outlined, and perhaps you will lead the strategic and creative direction behind the film or video you wish to make. What you’re looking for are the camera operators, production assistants, audio engineers, editors, and possibly others to facilitate the services you need.

A Video Production Agency – Perhaps you need a more strategically planned campaign or concept for your business or corporation; or, perhaps you want to create a filmed piece, but need someone to help you put all the pieces together, from concept to final product. This is where you’ll benefit from a video production agency that offers full services, from creative to scripting, casting, location scouting, props, wardrobe, not to mention filming, editing, and final file delivery.


Types of Video Production Services

Just as the above section is not exhaustive of what’s available to you, the following list of video production services may not include every single possible capability or service offering, but it covers the most common.  Using the proper terminology to search for exactly what you need will help narrow your search for a video production provider.

Creative Services – Perhaps you need the entire concept for your video developed, or you have the concept and need the creative approach and styling developed or managed. This can be performed by a producer, a creative director, art director, brand manager, or a full creative team. Search for creative development, creative direction, or concept development.

Pre-Production Services – Pre-production is the up-front planning phase of production, coordinating concept, schedule, budget, and all details pertinent to the execution of a production. This would be performed by a producer, assistant producer, project manager or other. Search for pre-production, planning and coordinating.

video production services

Scripting – Your video will require proper scripting, whether you hire someone to script for you or you want to write the script but have a video expert tailor it properly for your video.  This can be performed by a producer, creative director, writer or other member of an agency team.

Casting – If your video needs to feature actors, extras or a spokesperson you’ll benefit greatly from casting to find the best talent available. A production agency can facilitate all of the work involved in running a virtual casting process or a live casting session. This would likely be performed by a producer, creative director, director, project or account manager, and other members of a video production agency team.


Voice-overs –  Spoken word in your video should be performed by a professional or someone with a professional quality voice.  If you’ve ever noticed a television commercial that seems to have an unpleasant or hard-to-understand voice speaking in it, you know how drastically this can crush the desired effect of the commercial.  There are hundreds, thousands, of voice-over artists. You can search online, or your agency team can take the time to search and select a brand-appropriate voice, or they can probably recommend some great artists they frequently use.

Filming – When people first think of “production” services, they typically think about the actual action or process of filming, even though you don’t have to film a thing in order to make a video (you can use animated text, illustration, or purchase stock video footage).  If you’re not sure you need filming, then you might just need pre-production and post-production services.

Depending on your specific project, filming could require any or all of the following: producer, director, camera operators, production assistants, lighting or audio specialists, and more. You’ll want to figure out if you only need a 2 man operation, or a few more crew-members in order to accomplish what you have in mind.  Speaking to a member of business development at a video production agency will help you figure out what your project needs.

post production services

Post-production services – Services in post-production can include the editing of footage, audio, graphics, photos or images, logo files, on-screen text, music or other sound effects and more to bring every piece of your video production puzzle together.  Post-production services can also include color correcting, color-grading, and special effects.

Animation – Animation is also a service that is actually completed by a post-production team or editor. An animated video can be like a cartoon, it can be a whiteboard illustration video, or it can be various elements (images, text) that have animated actions put on them so they move and transition on and off the screen, or be made to spin, bounce, pop, split apart, fade away, enlarge, you name it!

At the risk of completely overwhelming you with the services available to you, I will leave it here.  I hope this has given you some insight into how to start searching for exactly what video production services you need, as well as who you need to help execute them.  Now you are ready to find the video production services you need.





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