Video Production Services & Financial Marketing: A New Opportunity

Video Production Services & Financial Marketing: A New Opportunity

Video content has become a staple in marketing campaigns for businesses throughout the world. This is because video content has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach, inform and engage audiences worldwide.

However, many financial service companies have yet to incorporate video marketing into their overall marketing strategy, due to a fear of potential compliance issues.

While compliance standards are a valid concern, financial companies (and other types of companies as well) shouldn’t let those issues stand in the way of the many benefits that video production services provide. A professional video production company can help you make engaging and effective videos that are also entirely compliant.

Tips for Avoiding Compliance Issues

Just because you have regulatory boundaries you must adhere to does not mean that video marketing is impossible. When it comes to creating and sharing video content, as well as engaging with comments made on your video content, keep a few basic rules in mind:

DO adhere to the same rules in your online behavior as you do offline to remain compliant.  The rules online aren’t much different from real-life compliance. For example, there are certain things you would never say at an educational seminar. The same rules apply for online video content.

Another DO: Make sure that video content creation is addressed in your company’s marketing policy, so that everyone involved with the creation and publishing of your video adheres to the same compliance guidelines.

Another important thing to DO is to stay current on social media regulations and recommendations made by regulatory bodies such as the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

The following are a few additional basic tips on avoiding compliance issues when it comes to your video content:

  • Add disclaimers to your videos that inform your viewers that you are not recommending specific investments or financial products, nor are you providing personal tax, legal or investment advice.
  • Before beginning production, submit your scripts to your compliance department to ensure that they are compliant.
  • Inform your investors of the social media platforms you’ll be using if you’re planning on posting video company announcements.

Video Production ServicesThe Benefits of Using Video Marketing For Financial Services

The following are some of the reasons that video content is so important to your financial service business:

1. Video content can help explain financial services.

Financial services can often be difficult to explain to the average consumer. A five-page blog post on the intricacies of mortgage qualifications, for example, can be tough to wrap your head around. Video content helps explain complex services much more effectively, and enhances information retention.

2. Video content can help foster relationships.

Video allows you to create a brand personality with which your valued clients can relate. Videos are also easily shareable and viewers are more likely to engage with videos shared online via comments, shares and “likes”.

By increasing engagement with your brand, you’ll be able to nurture relationships with your audience.

3. Video content can help to establish brand authority.

The more regularly you publish informative and helpful video content, the more of a reputation you’ll build for being an authority on the subject at hand.

This can help you to establish and grow your brand authority, which in turn builds trust – something that’s incredibly important for a financial service company.

4. Video content can drive traffic.

Video content that’s properly optimized can help to boost your page rankings, thereby driving more traffic from Google’s search engine. Moreover, the social strength of video can help bring in more traffic from social media as well.

Video Production ServicesThe Benefits of Using Professional Video Production Services

The following are a few reasons why you should seek the help of professional video production services:

1. They will help you create regular video content.

It’s important to publish informative content regularly. Publish the same amount of videos every month to establish and grow a regular audience. Enlist video production services to help you produce high quality video content on a regular basis.

2. They will ensure high production quality.

Anyone can shoot video these days, but not everyone can create a video that has high production value. The use of high quality camera, lighting and sound equipment makes a major difference in how your brand is represented. The quality of your videos directly reflect on the professionalism of your brand.

3. You benefit from a video production company’s experience.

Professional companies that offer video production services have experience working with different clients in different industries, including financial services. They’ll know from experience what types of video content can work best for your company.

4. The savings compared to DIY or in-house production are vast.

Camera, lighting, sound and editing equipment can be extremely expensive and difficult to keep up with. A professional video production company has the experienced staff and equipment ready to go.  They can guide you through the entire process and ensure your videos are produced to proper standards and output specifications, saving you that added homework!

Don’t let the possibility of compliance issues scare you away from using video content to help market your financial service business. Getting the most out of modern video marketing can be just as easy and effective for a financial services company as any other! Video content is too beneficial to ignore; compliance issues can be worked around, so don’t let them stand in your way.

Be sure to work with professional company for your video production services, one that also understands the importance of compliance. They can assist you in creating high quality video content that is effective in achieving your marketing goals while remaining compliant.

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