Using Videos for Product Support

Using Videos for Product Support

One of the most effective uses for video content is as product support for both sales and end-use. This is especially true for sales across a digital platform – like website sales or mobile sales – because it gives viewers a close-to-lifelike look at an item, how it’s made or how it works.

In addition to this, video is a strong tool for product support because it uses great visuals, motion, pacing, music and more to sweep the viewer up into a story and to evoke emotional feelings.

It’s always a successful advertising a marketing tactic when you can attach sights, sounds and emotion to an item, thereby increasing attention span, information retention and recall. Check out these different ways to use video for product support:

Show the Product’s Value

Showing a documentary-like look behind the creation of a product can add depth to a viewers’ understanding of that product, showing them the care and detail that went into it, and supporting the value or pricing of an item.  Check out this video we recently produced for Blak Corp’s custom rings.

Show the Product’s Lifestyle

Brand videos and product videos don’ t have to be filled with sales-pitchy dialogue or even a verbal explanation of a product. Instead they can capture the vibe and feel of what the product delivers.

In this example, the relaxing music and visual effects help support this product from a lifestyle perspective…

Show An Interesting Process

Some of the most watched videos on social and mobile are educational videos. People love to learn new things. So, give them a look at an interesting design, manufacturing or product development process.

This video produced for IEGA (International Engraved Graphics Association) served to support the integrity of an entire industry, the sales of a textbook on the subject and services provided by fine engravers.

Showing Excitement is Always Great Product Support

Never underestimate the power of capturing real people and events on video to share with the rest of the world. Any time you are hosting an event – be it a launch party, a gala, unveiling or other product-related occasion – the footage from that event can be invaluable toward supporting your product and company.

Take a look at this exciting events we filmed for HTC. Seeing products being used and creating excitement amongst a crowd goes a long way in product support.

Show How a Product is Used

A straightforward instructional video not only supportis your product at the point of sale, but it supports customers beyond the purchase point. Having an online library of “how-to” product videos offers your customers detailed and convenient product support, but also gives you plenty of content to bolster your SEO.

At the same time videos can be used by customer service representatives (both for training them or for them sharing with customers!) and individual videos can be dripped out on social media or housed in a mobile app.

Here’s a simple example we produced for the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. There are many more ways of using video for product support, including documentaries, testimonials and commercials of course! Often, it’s efficient and effective to create multiple types of video that work in different ways, across various platforms: TV, website, social media, apps, online advertisements and more.

Developing a multi-pronged strategy toward supporting your product sales and usage is something an experienced video production agency can help you with!

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