For the past few years Carpenter Technology, a leader in custom metal alloys for over 100 years, asks us to create video content for their booth at the Paris Air Show, one of the largest tradeshows for their industry. It’s where clients like Boeing learn about their new metal alloys, 3D printing capabilities, and creative collaborations. This year, their advanced product line was centerstage.
Because these products are so cutting-edge, we created 3D animations to showcase a variety of their different aviation applications. Using the CAD drawings for these products allowed our animation team to create 3D models that were able to be pulled apart, and put back together again, showing the complexity of the Advanced Products line by Carpenter Technology.
We also created this animated video on a very tight timeline! From start to finish, we completed all the creative including storyboarding, and initial 3D modeling, through to the full animated final product in just under 4 weeks.
It was a hit at the Paris Air Show and opened the doors for many new opportunities for the Carpenter Team. It allowed them to set meetings with brands throughout the Aviation field and beyond, and brought potential clients into their booth and breakout rooms.

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