5 Inspiring Examples of Brand Building with Animated Videos for Businesses

5 Inspiring Examples of Brand Building with Animated Videos for Businesses

Building your brand is a process that never stops! It’s all about creating awareness for your brand and crafting a strong brand identity.

Your brand identity isn’t just about the products and services you sell, but also what your brand stands for and what sets it apart from the competition. There are a lot of ways to enhance your brand, and using video is one of the best!

Video content can help enhance and reinforce brand image. It’s also easier for consumers to engage with, and is more effective than other forms of content like text.

Video offers a sensory-rich experience, and one of the best ways to use video is to create animated videos for your business. Animated videos for business can help communicate a lot of information in an engaging and effective way, while strengthening your overall brand identity.

The following are five examples of animated videos for business, that helped engage, educate and build brand identity:

1. United Airline’s “A Life”

One of the most powerful things about using animated videos for business is that you can let the animation speak for itself, without over-selling yourself, exactly how United Airlines did. United Airlines created a series of videos telling the story of a character and their connection with a loved one.

These videos use a unique animation style that doesn’t use any dialogue or narration until the ending statement: “Where you go in life is up to you. There’s one airline that can take you there. United. It’s time to fly.”

United Airline positions itself as a company that wants to be a part of your life and shows how they help people unite with one another.

2. Apple’s “Intention”

When you think of Apple products, you think of elegance, simplicity and usability. This is a brand identity, and it comes across perfectly in their Intention video.

Their Intention video doesn’t have a lot of the fancy animation and robust storytelling of the other animated videos for business on this list. Instead, it uses a combination of typography and motion graphics to explain its unique value proposition.

Apple creates a video that reflects what we know and think about its brand. Its typography is simple yet elegant, as is its graphics and even its music. And the message is easy to understand and very effective.

The message outlined via its typography is their process. This revolves around their hard work, simplification and perfection. The video successfully tells us what Apple is all about, in turn building trust for its brand.


3. Work.com’s Whiteboard Animation Video

Back when they were known as Rypple, Work.com posted an animated video for business as an overview of what the company was all about. It’s a whiteboard animation video, which means it shows somebody’s arm drawing illustrations on a whiteboard.

This type of animated video is very effective because work.com established who their audience is, what problem their audience has and how the company provides the much-needed solution. The animated video introduces viewers to “Jessica” and “Mike” and the problems they are facing.

Viewers who work in an office setting can easily relate to either of these characters and their problems. A quickly-moving whiteboard animation retains audience attention, and – if used repeatedly – is a look that can be easily associated with the brand, and elements of speed and efficiency.

4. Panorama 9 “IT-Man”

Panorama 9 created a video that perfectly encapsulates what they do in one of the most entertaining ways possible. Their IT-Man video oozes personality and directly targets the nostalgia and humor of their audience.

The video is animated to look like an old video game from the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. It explains the issues that IT personnel tend to have on a daily basis by showing their IT character going through various video game levels battling visualized versions of those problems.

For example, in one situation, a character asks the IT Man to find important documents that were lost. This is visualized by the character hitting a computer with his fist and the documents falling out as a result.

The humor inherent of the video game homage immediately gives Panorama 9 a personality that people can relate to. The voice over, which sounds like the voice over of an old 1950’s superhero TV show, adds to the humor as well. There’s even a touch of dark humor in which the IT Man bleeds pixels from his hands and knees.

Over the course of the video, not only does Panorama 9 lay out the common problems facing the typical IT person, but positions its product as the perfect solution.

It’s choice to use quirky humor and a unique but nostalgic look makes it so that their video, which is roughly two and a half minutes long, is easily digestible and entertaining to watch. This is saying a lot for a subject matter that typically isn’t very interesting.

5. Spotify

When Spotify first launched in the U.S., it released a short one-minute video that combined typography and animation that perfectly explained what it was and what it could provide. The quick cuts, slick animation and uptempo music lends the brand a new and exciting feeling.

There’s also a certain simplicity to the video that reflects how easy Spotify is to use. The animation style is simple and the explanation of what their service does is done using single buzzwords like “free” and “instantly.” Even their color palette is simple – green, white and black, which are colors that are consistent with their branding.

To create animated videos that will help build your brand identity effectively, you should strongly consider working with a professional video production company. A video production company can ensure that the animation used is not only of high quality but unique to your brand as well. They will also ensure that your brand’s message is effectively conveyed through the video.

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