Reaching Hispanic Customers With Spanish-speaking Video Content

Reaching Hispanic Customers With Spanish-speaking Video Content

We recently worked with a company called Resourceful Business to produce both English and Spanish video content for their client, Laundry Warehouse, as part of a re-branding and website re-design.

Producing both English and Spanish video content is an aspect of marketing that has become increasingly important to businesses and brands in the US over the past decade.  According to Forbes, the Hispanic population makes up about 18% of the total US population and is the second-fastest growing demographic group.

And while brands spent over $6 billion in marketing to Hispanics on TV alone, there appears to be a lag in this push within the digital space. What does this mean for you? It means there is still opportunity for brands to pioneer with Spanish video content for digital and mobile consumption.

Producing Crucial Content

Regardless of what language you’re speaking, an overview video is an essential piece of video content. It should convey all of the most important details about your business, products or services to a new digital visitor.

It’s an excellent piece of evergreen content that can live on your website as well as a YouTube account page, helping you get found in online search, drive traffic to your site, and engage viewers while educating them.In partnering with Resourceful Business, the company leading the charge on Laundry Warehouse’s rebrand, their digital marketing team was able to leverage online reviews to provide valuable insight on their key differentiators: cleanliness, convenience, customer service, free parking and Laundry Card.

Reaching the Spanish-speaking Demographic

“The importance of the Spanish-speaking demographic to the business motivated us to do both English and Spanish voiceovers.” said Ann Mills, Founder of Resourceful Business. Therefore the Grey Sky Films team approached the production process ensuring to capture visuals and assets that could be utilized in the production of both versions.Providing both versions is a smart and customer-centric approach. In a survey, about 56% of Spanish-speaking Hispanics said they were more loyal to companies that advertise in Spanish, and 54% said they felt loyal to brands who respect their heritage and want their business.

For us as a video production agency, approaching the production of both versions at the same time is incredibly simple. We develop our plan for the production process to incorporate assets for each version, whether text, imagery or voiceovers.  Here, we utilized the same footage and swapped in an accurate professional Spanish voiceover for that edit of the video.

“Grey Sky Films exceeded our expectations on every front,” said our client, “from quality of the videos to conveyance of the Laundry Warehouse story and the creativity of the shoot.”  Helping them market more authentically to their Spanish-speaking demographic was just another part of what we do!

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