Featured Client: Branded Video for Murray’s Cheese

Featured Client: Branded Video for Murray’s Cheese

One of our most exciting recent projects lead us to Italy to produce branded video for Murray’s Cheese. Exceptional, high-quality products like Murray’s Cheese varieties are made using unique resources and generations-old techniques.  The work and natural elements that go into its creation make it truly unique.

This is why Murray’s Cheese had Grey Sky Films travel to Italy to capture detailed footage of their Parmigiano Reggiano cheese-making process; footage destined to create engaging and authentic branded video content…

The Concept

Murray’s Cheese has been an iconic business for years. While many folks know they sell great cheese, not everyone knows the great lengths they go to in order to source, hand-select and import the world-class products in their shops. They wanted to share the more detailed stories – and rich visuals – behind their Private Label products.

Branded Video

“We wanted to take audiences to that intersection of craftsmanship, history and science that makes it possible for these massive wheels of Parmigiano to exist in the first place. We also wanted to keep our ‘New York accent’ and show our dedication to both education and the joy of eating.” 

The most authentic way to do all of this was to take viewers to the source with video.

branded video

“We needed video that spoke our language, that could live in as many places as our business does (that’s a lot), and would engage as many audiences as possible.”

The Production 

When a business and video production team unite, there’s an exchange of ideas, strategy and goals so that the right content can be produced. Murray’s knew exactly what they wanted: videos speaking to the process of making a few specific world-renowned cheeses. These videos could be used in a variety of ways, including online and social media.

branded video

Murray’s also knew they wanted the videos to feel personal and somewhat documentary-like, to show the personalities behind the product.

branded video

Grey Sky Films’ video production team knew how to ensure we captured all the right footage to produce videos that met with this vision.

“Thankfully, the team at Grey Sky Films was able to take that direction, hone in on the stories we wanted to tell, and knock it all outta the park. They were awesome–we couldn’t be happier with the way things have gone, and are still going!”

branded video

2 Branded Videos8

For this production we needed to visit multiple regions and facilities, film inside facilities with cleanliness or operational standards, interview various individuals, and employ a variety of filming techniques including drone filming.

Branded Video

Aside from the video goals and strategies, we at GSF focus on the importance of being a reliable and effective, high-functioning partner. Being an asset to the client team we’re working with, especially on a multi-day international production needs to be run, is an important feature that sets us apart from other production companies.

“Grey Sky has that elusive roster of people who all seem to bring equally important skill sets to the team. They were fun and easy to work with, they were excited and always brought ideas to the table…”

Branded Video

“They rolled with our sometimes hectic schedules and understood when we needed time to talk amongst ourselves and organize our thoughts. And they know how to relax, eat, and have a good time (all while keeping the camera on of course).

We’ll never forget this trip, this project…and that cheese!  See more photos from this trip here!

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