3 Benefits of Working With a Production Company in NYC

3 Benefits of Working With a Production Company in NYC

Video content is an increasingly hot commodity as social and digital platforms. This is because consumers are favoring video for its ability to convey information in an engaging way that is superior to text.

With so much appeal in video’s corner, a growing amount of businesses, creatives, and independent professionals are broaching the idea of creating their own videos, at times with minimal knowledge, experience, or equipment.

This can work for some projects, depending on what they entail; however, in most cases there are massive benefits to teaming up with an expert video production company in the NYC area to help you take your video content production from amateur to amazing!

1.  The Benefit of Their Video Production Experience

A video production company in the NYC areaJust as each page of a book contributes to a story and develops it deeper, each project a production company has worked on will have brought them valuable experiences and taught them key lessons on preparing for and managing all details of the production process. The production process involves multiple steps and stages and hinges around precise details, many of which can only be seen by those with experience.

Much of the discovery of details should occur up-front in your earliest discussions about the production at hand, and continue on in the pre-production phase.

Experts will have pulled from their career knowledge and ideally, they will have built a discovery brief document to lead you through uncovering many variables related to your production.

Partnering with an experienced production company based in the NYC area can also help protect you from unforeseen variables or potential pitfalls along the way.

No project is without challenges and the more challenges a team has experienced the more equipped they are to implement problem-solving solutions, saving you time and potential costs.

2.  The Benefit of Their NYC Area Expertise

NYC Production CompanyDepending on the size and scope of a production, there are a number of technical and mechanical skills that come into play. This can include camera operation, audio monitoring, proper lighting, safe set-up and take-down of equipment, not to mention the use of electricity!

Even a small scale production, like a simple interview, requires proper lighting and camera work in order to achieve a professional, high-quality look. Light sources can vary greatly, from daylight, to indoor, incandescent, and combinations of these.

A production company in the NYC area will not only have the experience and know-how to achieve the look that is needed, they will have the proper stands, lights, films, reflectors, and other pieces of necessary equipment.

Likewise, a production company will also be properly equipped with cameras, lenses, tripods, microphones, booms, and accessories like batteries and memory cards. Even these core pieces of equipment benefit from being set up and operated by experienced professionals.

The production crew will ensure the camera is level, visual settings are balanced, picture frame and focus are perfect, and they will monitor audio to ensure it is clean. This is an important benefit, because nothing is more costly than having to film the same production a second time!

3.  The Benefit of Their NYC Network

Production Company in the NYC areasA local production company that has been around for quite a while will have established a trusted network of colleagues and industry specialists.

In the production industry, it’s not uncommon to reach out to this extended network to source individual crew members with specific experience or talents, or to bring in vendors who offer specific services.

In my own experience, I have dipped into the network of trusted colleagues to help on various productions.

For example, an electrical specialist brought in to perform a dangerous patch-in to power lighting, a camera operator with live TV experience to add to our core crew, and an audio specialist to join us across the country and monitor 8-10 microphones and audio channels to ensure audio performance and quality.

Clearly this is yet one more aspect of partnering with a production company in NYC that benefits you with savings in cost, but also in time.

Imagine the time involved with trying to locate, manage, and facilitate the details of your production without having an expert to rely upon.

Though grouped neatly under three categories above, the benefits of using a professional production company in NYC are nearly endless!

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