How To Find The Best Video Production in NYC

How To Find The Best Video Production in NYC

So you’re looking for a video production company to help you produce the most amazing, high-quality film or video? Well, I’m sure you’re asking yourself: What makes a video production company better than others? Which NYC video production company will be the best partner for me?

Well the answer may vary depending on your project and the qualities that matter most to you, but I promise you this: by paying close attention to the following tips, you’ll be sure to lock down the very best team for your NYC video production!

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1. Search For The Best Online

In order to sort the best from the rest, you’ll want to evaluate them in several ways, initially via their online presence and the information they make readily available. First, start with an online search and take a thorough look at a video production agency’s website.

We’re talking about finding the best here, which means they’re not hiding in a small online listing, or in some dark corner of the Internet. A modern tech-savvy company, which is what any expert video production company should be, will have a current website full of valuable information.

video production nyc

2. The Best Will Be Experienced

Once you’ve found a prime candidate for video production in NYC, continue to vet them by looking at the amount of high-quality work they’ve done as well as the breadth of their experience: from corporate video to film, particular types of videos they’ve produced, or particular companies or industries they’ve worked with.

The only source of knowledge is experience.     – Albert Einstein


The best video production provider will bring the benefit of their experience to your project. They should have a portfolio of work available for viewing online, and many more samples available upon request. Take a look and see if they have experience with types of videos you are seeking, or if they have experience producing results for a target audience similar to your own.

video production nyc

3. The Best Will Look Better Than The Rest

In addition to having a diverse array of samples, they should also show very high-quality work. High production value can be observed through the quality of the image and application of creative or stylistic elements, including:

  • Camera work and lighting
  • Casting and scripting
  • Wardrobe styling, hair and makeup
  • Locations, settings and props
  • Audio, music and sound effects
  • Editing, visual graphics or effects

Your opinion on these items may vary, but it’s best to observe carefully and discuss these elements as you move forward because they each make a difference in the viewer’s perception of the quality of your video or film.

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4. Who Else Says They’re “The Best”?

A surefire way to find the best video production agency in NYC is to see what others are saying about them. When making such an important decision like this, testimonials are incredibly valuable; especially when they are able to give you detailed insight into the experience of working with a particular team or agency.

See if they have testimonials on their website. Even better, see if they have video testimonials from a variety of clients. Still not convinced? Ask them to put you directly in touch with some of their clients so that you can vet them some more and ask more detailed questions.

video production nyc

5. The Best Won’t Rest!

Beyond offering the best capabilities and the benefit of a vast experience, you’ll want to partner with a video production team that always puts their best foot forward in every aspect of the job at hand.  Strong core values and a killer work ethic are essential. The video production process involves many moving parts, so it’s crucial to work with a team that believes in delivering the best product and service non-stop!


As with most searches, your hunt will likely begin online as you get to know what’s available and who’s out there to help you. I definitely recommend that you take the time to reach out and make a connection with a representative of the team you are considering.

Once you have a few conversations with a video production agency in NYC about your plans and goals, as well as the production process, you’ll soon know exactly how to spot the best of the best!





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