6 Reasons Your NJ Company Needs Video Production

6 Reasons Your NJ Company Needs Video Production

It’s no secret that video is a must-have for any company. Statistics continually support the fact that video is highly effective in boosting SEO, enhancing engagement, increasing email opens and buyer conversions, increasing audience retention…the list goes on!

Using the services of an experienced video production agency can help positively enhance your company’s sales and marketing, but also enhance other business initiatives, including corporate communication, recruiting, training and other operations.

Here are 6 reasons your NJ company needs video production:

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1. Video Communicates More, Faster

There’s a statistic that claims video is worth 1.8 million words. What does this really mean? Well, while read-able text is one way to transmit information to the viewer, a video uses many different things to transmit information. Video communicates with on-screen words, spoken words and pictures, but also: music, style, tone, motion, pacing, sound effects, placement, visual quality and much more.

While your viewer is taking in the direct intended content of your video (spoken or audible message), your viewer is also taking in stylistic nuances that translate to their perception of your brand. After watching a video, the viewer will not only understand what you’re trying to tell them, but they’ll have a sense of your entire brand personality or the importance of the message based on the stylistic elements used in the video.

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2. Video Can Be Multi-Purposed

Producing a video can be a significant investment in time and money, so it makes great sense to produce your videos with a strategy to multi-purpose their content. Videos can be used as evergreen (or long-lasting) content on your website, but also the exact same video or a shorter excerpt can be shared to social media platforms.

Here’s a great example: Instructional or help videos can be used internally to train staff, but can also be made publicly accessible as customer support.

Another Example: create a recap video to show off what your marketing department accomplished this year. Use it as an engaging, yet informative, presentation for your bosses, but also share it online with investors and other supporters as a video component of your annual report.

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3. Video Analytics Help Prove ROI

A popular complaint of the past has been that video could not prove ROI. Well in recent years many different online video-hosting platforms (or OVP’s) have been developed to help solve that problem.  Now you can host your video and share it (whether website, email, social, whatever!) and reap the benefits of customized features and back-end analytics.

With analytics you can see how many viewers have watched, how long they watched for, and see where they have skipped forward or dropped out. Customized features allow you to create titles and descriptions that enhance SEO, and create annotations or call-to-action links that your viewers can click to take action. Tracking performance and clicks can help support whether your video achieved the goal you designed it for.

That’s the key to creating ROI: your video should be strategically designed to achieve a goal and action plan you design. How do you do this? A video production agency can help you!


4. Video Enhances SEO And Organic Search Ranking

Placing a video on your site’s home page or a landing page, increases the chances that that page will turn up in the first page of Google Search results by over 53%, according to Forrester Research.

Google owns YouTube because video is valuable and people are watching videos for entertainment, education, emotional connection and more. SEO algorithms are meant to improve the web-searcher’s experience. It only makes sense that Google considers video content as an asset and helpful resource for folks searching for something on the World Wide Web.

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5. Video Keeps Viewers Stuck To Your Site Longer

Speaking of the World Wide Web, people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube daily, generating billions of views! So, when I say tell you that video is a powerful tool for engaging your audience, it’s fo’ reals! Video keeps viewers on your site longer, while delivering valuable information about your company, product or service.

According to Forbes, the average user spends 88% more time on a website that has video, and visitors who view videos stay on websites and average of two minutes longer than those who don’t, says Forrester.

This time spent engaged in video directly correlates to how much the viewer remembers about your message and your brand. And, as I stated up in number 3: with a video hosting platform, you’ll be able to capture valuable analytics and customer behavior, preferences or contact information using video.


6. Video Can Increase Your Sales

Video can be used in several ways that support or directly increase your sales:

  • Bio and Testimonial videos can enhance the connection of individual sales reps with their prospects
  • Demo and Explainer Videos provide buyers with information to help them make an educated buyer decision
  • Product Videos provide information and also give a life-like look at a produce or service, all of which helps boost buyer confidence.
  • Videos can include a call-to-action, prompting sales conversions.

In fact, according to Brightcove, landing pages that include videos can increase conversion by 80%!  Check out this past post on all the ways you can use video to enhance your sales funnel.


Video is an all-around superstar when it comes to pumping up your communication, whether sales, marketing or organization-related.  A great way to start understanding what video can do for your company is to look at your company’s pain points. Make a list of goals you’d like to achieve, and pain points you’d like to relieve, and I promise you: video can help with them all.

With the right video production team on your side, they’ll lead the mission of unearthing your company’s most powerful content, and will help identify areas of opportunity for improving your business with uber-effective video.


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