The Benefits of Production Services

The Benefits of Production Services

When we start working on any new video production project, it typically starts by discussing business-related or creative goals and then digging deeper into the production services that will execute that vision and accomplish our client’s goals.

Most people are award of the production services of filming and editing that are required to create a video. However, there are a variety of other production services that come into play with each and every video production project, some of which should never be overlooked.

Here, we’ll review the benefits of a few production services that can come into play with some video production projects:

production servicesProducing

This is not a small production detail whatsoever, but it’s important to emphasize the in addition to the services that may be needed on a production, you’ll also need someone to manage those services.

Many important functional and creative tasks that are handled by a producer. A producer makes things happen and keeps everything on track. Depending on the nature of the production, a producer or assistant producer will:

  • Arrange and facilitate casting or location scouting sessions.
  • Coordinate travel arrangements for talent, clients or hired technicians.
  • Hire additional staff i.e. specialized audio, lighting or camera technicians.
  • Secure hair, makeup and/or wardrobe stylists and communicate with them to be properly prepared.
  • Discuss set-building details and timeline, or secure a reservation with a studio.
  • Work at a creative level to develop scripting or to source audio tracks, voiceover artists, graphics, effects and more.
  • Arrange for catering or refreshments.

Next, let’s talk about some of those specific production services…

production services

Casting Actors and Extras

Your production can benefit from the services that actors and extras can provide. When you hire a professional actor you can find one that looks the way you want them to look, will make themselves available, and will show up focused to do what you need them to do. They can also offer a range in how they deliver the dialogue or actions.

This is much more reliable than trying to source friends or staff to take part in a video and you’ll also get people who are experienced and comfortable being on camera, which will save you time on set.

production services

Location Scouting and Rental

Similar to casting, finding a reliable and visually appropriate location in which to film your video is worth the investment. Background noise and interruptions from filming in an office or open location can cause delays and make filming difficult.

At times, renting a studio and building a set can be more cost-effective than trying to source and secure the right looking location that can be isolated for a day or two of filming.

production services

Crew Members

There are many different situations in which specialized crew members are completely worth having on set. They can focus directly on the task they are hired to focus on.

A great example of this is a time we filmed a round-table discussion involving 6 people. It was best to hire an audio technician to mic each person and listen in on the different audio channels to ensure there were no issues throughout the production. This way we ensured that everyone’s dialogue was captured, we didn’t have to make them repeat themselves and we didn’t lose any valuable content.

Another great example: a drone operator. Drone operators have the skill and experience in operating their drone and capturing a range of footage that is in-frame and moving at the right height, direction and speed.

Specialized technicians can be hired to handle specific filming equipment, lighting equipment, audio equipment and more.

production services


Similar to technical crew members, having a skilled hair and makeup or wardrobe stylist to work on your production can help ensure that everything truly looks its best (and on-brand!) come production day.

It’s best to not leave visual details up to chance. A wardrobe stylist will ensure there is a selection of items that work for the video, and that they are new, clean and freshly pressed.

production services2


A day on set is always a lot of fun, but can be physically or mentally draining for some people. There is a lot of action, a lot of inter-action, bright and sometimes hot lights, and a need to focus and perform.

It’s ideal to have hydration, snacks and a meal break to keep everyone – crew, talent and client alike – at the top of their game!

production servicesWhile I covered quite a few important video production services above, there are still more that may come into play with your particular project. This could be anything from hiring a voice-over talent to record dialogue or long-distance travel and accommodations.

The best way to know for sure what services should be considered and secured for your next video production is to talk it through with an expert video production agency. They can work through it all with you and even give you different options to suit your budget.

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