The Process of Using Video Production Services

The Process of Using Video Production Services

Not everyone is a video production expert, which is why we (as marketers, business owners etc) hire professionals to do the job!  If you’re planning on working with a team or company that offers video production services, it’s important to talk to them about their process and get familiar with how they will help you navigate your production confidently.

You’ll want to absolutely be on the same page with them about what your production, marketing and/or strategic goals are, and you’ll want to be clear on how their video production services will help you produce the right content for achieving those goals.

video production servicesFinding the Right Video Production Services

Finding the most qualified and trusted partner to provide video production services is a journey that likely starts with an online search and ends with a successful launch of great video content, and maybe even a round of high-fives.

Video production will always come with challenges, surprises and blessings in disguise, so you really will benefit from having the very best team on your side. Check out this post on how to find the best video production team around.

Once you’ve found the right team, here’s what you can expect throughout the rest of the process of using video production services for your business.

video production servicesDiscovery

The discovery phase is the exploratory phase that allows you and the video production team to discuss the types of video you are looking to make: What the need to convey, how they will be shared, and the goals you want to achieve with them.

You can move on from here to nail down exactly which video production services will be needed, and the creative approach that will be applied to creating and capturing your video footage.


Developing creative means creating the groundwork for what will be shown visually in the video, and what will be communicated in the video; and, strategically planning how those visuals and communicative elements will come to fruition – the details behind production, editing, styling and more.

Creative will interplay between the clients’ objectives, the production services and tasks at hand, as well as budget, so it’s a very important phase.

video production servicesPre-Production

Once you’ve solidified what video production services you’ll be using, your budget and creative approach, it’s time to get the wheels in motion for production (filming) and post-production (editing).

This means securing, coordinating, and developing all necessary people, places and items for production. Such as:

  • Scripting –  A script may need to be written, whether your video involves actors, a spokesperson, a member of your company or team or a voiceover artist. More often than not, the script will go through numerous drafts before it’s ready.
  • Shot list – Your Producer and/or Director will create a list of shots that need to be captured during production, plus additional shots that may be needed in the event that any particular details change.
  • Storyboards – The shot list may be turned into storyboards to make it easier to visualize how the video will look.
  • Location Scouting – Locations are scouted and secured via rental agreement or permit; or reservation of a studio and set-building. 
  • Propping – The right props for your shoot are created or purchased.
  • Equipment Needs – Different equipment may be required throughout the shoot, whether filming and audio equipment or items like generators, heaters, tents and more.
  • Casting – Actors may need to be auditioned for the various roles in your video.
  • Scheduling – Scheduling the shoot involves locking down locations, scenes, and the actors involved, but also can involve variables like the weather!

These are just a few of the most common services performed in the post-production part of the process.

video production servicesProduction

The production part of the process extends from the first day to the last day that you film or record audio or any other assets that will be used to edit a final video together. While many details were likely planned for during the pre-production stage, there’s are many variables that come into play in the production phase, including:

  • Equipment Setup – Setting up lighting and camera equipment can take some time. Lighting requires proper electrification, as well as angling and use of special filters or fabrics to create the right look.  Your production company will likely have most equipment in-house or will have taken care of specialty equipment rental and setup.
  • Location Prep – On the day of, there may be set details that need to be attended to – such as cleaning, propping, moving furniture or art, or creating space for equipment.
  • Producing – The producers role is a big one, as they keep everyone on task and on time so that the production stays on-schedule and all needs are met.
  • Filming – That’s what we’re here for! Your director and producer will facilitate the day of filming to capture every scene or piece of footage planned for, plus additional footage that might be useful.
  • Catering – If your shoot takes a full day, or even half a day, having everyone on their feet and paying attention for that long can start to wear on them. It’s great to have hydration, snacks and a meal break for talent and crew alike.

Film Production CompanyPost-Production

Once filming is completed, the post-production process begins. A lot of people mistakenly think that editing the footage together is all that the post-production stage consists of, but there are more elements at play during this phase:

  • Editing –  Editing your footage together is a very important step. First, all of the footage gets off-loaded / imported, sorted and labeled so that it can be easily accessed. It also gets backed up to ensure no loss.  Then, editing begins. Multiple cuts are made before a final cut is decided upon and approved. This is about making sure all of the footage works well together and reaches a point of completion that the client is satisfied with.
  • Sound design and mixing – Sound design and mixing is an important part of post-production. We ensure that the sound lines up with the footage correctly and can edit out any random sounds that may have occurred, or even “ums” and “uhs” in speech, depending on what visuals match up with those soundbites.
  • Coloring – A colorist will go through the video shot by shot to get the colors to look ideal or fit a stylistic palette.
  • Special effects – Depending on your video, you may require visual special effects work or sound effects that enhance the look or impact of your video.
  • Graphics and text – in this phase, graphics like images and logos are cut into the edit, and any on-screen text can be designed and animated as part of the edit.


The entire video production process contains a lot of different steps, and involves many different video production services. When partnering with the right team to make use of video production services, you’ll have plenty of input in regards to pre-production and post-production.

Working with a production company will end up being more convenient and efficient in the long run. They will make sure to focus on each step carefully to create a quality video.

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