5 Types of Videography Financial Service Companies Can Create

5 Types of Videography Financial Service Companies Can Create

In recent years, many financial service companies have found it difficult to utilize video content marketing, because they find compliance issues to be an obstacle. However, many financial service companies now understand that video can be used successfully in their marketing efforts while still upholding the rules of compliance.

Although the use of video content as a marketing strategy has been on the rise, it’s still relatively underutilized within the financial service industry when compared to other industries. This means that if you’re in this industry, you can really set your business apart from your competition by incorporating video into your marketing strategy.

One thing that you should realize when you begin crafting a video content strategy is that there are different types of content that you can create using videography, and the types you should use depends largely on the specific marketing goals you’re trying to achieve. The following are five types of video content, that can be created using professional videography services, and can be particularly effective for a financial service company.

Types of Content Using Professional Videography

1. Tutorials

Tutorials, aka “explainer” videos, are essential for any type of business. These videos introduce or demonstrate how to use the products or services that your company offers.

For example, a roofing company might could a video that explains important related tasks, such as how to identify roof leaks. This educational support allows the roofer to engage with their audience, and direct those in need of roofing services back to their company’s roofing services for further help.

For financial service companies, tutorials can even more important. Many of the financial products and services that banks, financial advisors, insurance companies, and finance managers offer aren’t services that many audience members fully understand. Tutorial videos can help educate and inform your audience on all of the valuable services available to them.

Types of Videography2. Animated Videos

A challenge to marketing financial services is that many people are unfamiliar with financial industry language and terminology. Moreover, there are many who find financial matters relatively uninteresting, or overwhelming.

Animation can help to make your videos more engaging, while also helping to make your content easier to understand. There are many types of animation videos that you could make great use of.

A “whiteboard animation” can explain a process by showing each step of the process drawn as an illustration. You could also go with a more traditional cartoon-like animation that tells a story, which can be way more engaging for your audience and makes it easier for you to evoke certain emotional reactions, like humor and nostalgia.

3. Testimonials

There’s no better way to strengthen your reputation as a trustworthy financial services company or individual than by using videography to document your satisfied customers’ testimony. Your audience will be more likely to trust your brand or try your service after listening to positive feedback from other customers.

There are a number of ways that you can use videography to share testimonials. A simple interview with a customer works well, or you can also create a case study video that tells the story of the customer’s problem, the solution they found in your company, and the positive outcome they experienced.

Types of Videography4. Culture Videos

A common impression (and misconception) that many people may have is that financial service professionals are just a bunch of suits that work with numbers, and show very little approachable or relatable personality. Culture videos can help put some personality behind your brand, making it easier for audiences to relate and engage.

Culture videos showcase the brand (or individual) personality, and offer transparency and a look at the inner workings of your company. Culture videos can showcase the daily professional environment, more fun or charitable events your company sponsors or takes part in, and any other events that demonstrate the personalities of the company and the people who work there.

5. Interviews

Interviews are one of the most basic but supremely effective ways to provide audiences with information. They can accomplish a number of different goals as well.

For example, interviews with your customers and clients provide excellent testimonials, while interviews with executives are a great way to put a face on the company, enhance brand image, and provide information about your products and services.

An interview doesn’t necessarily have to utilize a person in a suit sitting behind their desk. You can get creative with how you film your interviews and where you film them. You can choose to show individuals’ personalities by having them dress differently, or prop their settings with items that relate to their personalities and interests.

While there are many more ways to use videography to produce effective video content, these five are quite strong and particularly effective, especially for financial services companies. A professional video production company can help you determine what types of videography best suit your company’s specific marketing goals and can help create any of these types of videos for you!

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