3 Ways Financial Services Companies Can Use a Video Production Company

3 Ways Financial Services Companies Can Use a Video Production Company

As a financial service company, you understand how important it is to properly inform and educate consumers. There are so many different financial services and products out there, not to mention intimidating financial lingo, that consumers can easily become overwhelmed by it all.

Many consumers have trouble finding solutions to their financial problems or issues because they are unable to wade through all of the complex financial information put out by financial service companies. Read on to see how a video production company can help financial services companies educate and support their clients, providing better service with video.

Video Production CompanyHow Video Content Can Benefit Financial Service Companies

The use of video content can help inform, educate and advise consumers on their financial matters. Video content is extremely effective for a number of different reasons:

Videos Are Easier for Consumers to Understand

It’s much easier to retain information from watching a video than it is to remember everything you read from a written piece of content.

High-quality visuals help drive forward the message, making information easier to understand. Products and services that may be more complex can be explained much easier with video.

Consumers Are More Likely to Watch Videos

Online consumers have short attention spans. If they see a page full of text, there’s a good chance that they might not read it all.

They are much more likely to watch a short video than to read a long article, and they’re also more likely to finish the content if it’s delivered as a video.

Videos Provide More Exposure

If you properly optimize your video title and description, you’ll have a better chance of attracting a larger audience. If your videos are hosted on YouTube, they can be easily found by viewers searching for related information.

And, viewers are more likely to share, like or comment on videos that are posted to social media or that have social share buttons.

Video Production Company3 Ways Video Production Companies Can Help

Now that you have an idea of how effective video content can be to attract, engage and inform your audience, you’ll want to seek the assistance of a professional video production company that knows how to create high-quality, professional videos that will maximize your video marketing potential.

A professional video production company will have the resources and the experience to create professional looking videos that represent and enhance your branding, and effectively deliver your message.

Good video production companies can help you to craft a number of different types of videos to help achieve specific goals. The following are a few ways that video content can be particularly effective for financial service companies:

1. Educate Viewers About Financial Service Information

As long as you stick to one topic at a time, videos are an excellent way to explain what kind of products or services you provide and how they can help your customers. A great example of this are the short pieces of video content created by Bank of America.

One of their videos introduces the owner of a dog grooming business, and explains Bank of America’s Remote Deposit service. The business owner takes advantage of this service because she is often paid with checks and rarely has the time to go to the bank.

This is an excellent example of how a video doesn’t just promote a service, it explains the need of the consumer and how the service helps them. A good video production company will help ensure the videos are relevant to your audience, professional looking and engaging.

2. Provide Viewers With Tips and Advice

Not every video should be about the products or services you provide. One of the most important aspects of inbound marketing is positioning yourself as an authority within your industry.

By creating videos that provide advice to consumers, you can earn their trust. They’ll be more likely to watch more of your videos in order to learn helpful things free of charge – and they’ll be more likely to turn to your company when they need a financial service or product.

Videos that provide tips or advice can be created in several different ways. You could just film someone speaking to the camera and accompany them with various graphics and subtitles to emphasize certain information. If you do this, however, you’ll want to try to keep it short, vary the camera angles and break up the video with pleasing graphics.

If you just have the same shot of a person talking for five minutes, your audience may grow bored. A good example are some of the videos that Wells Fargo has put out. They have several short videos under two minutes long that provide tips concerning insurance in various situations, from getting married to going to college.

Video Production Company3. Provide Case Studies For Financial Services or Products

A video production company can help create case study videos that prove that your services or products can be used effectively by your target customers. Take JPMorgan Chase & Co. for example.

They published videos that focused on small business owners and the story behind how they started their company. Their audience can instantly relate to the people on screen as they explain what their goals and challenges were.

Of course, the video also explains how this was all possible with the help of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Case studies are highly effective when they demonstrate a clear problem, explain how the service or product is the solution to the problem, but also when they utilize solid data like numbers and statistics to back up claims and positive performance.

Beyond these three types of videos there are certainly more types that audiences are looking for when evaluating a financial services company, such as testimonial videos, how-to videos, and even mini-documentary style videos.

Today, many viewers are delving into longer form content, like short documentaries, as long as they are well executed and humorous or heartfelt. A professional video production company will be able to help you identify your marketing goals and create the types of videos that will benefit your financial service company the most.

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