The 3 Scariest Things About Video Content Production, Confronted!

The 3 Scariest Things About Video Content Production, Confronted!

I know all too well the fright a client may be feeling at the start of a new video content production project. There are a lot of details to consider, and the process can sometimes feel like you are navigating a haunted house.

The video content production process can be a daunting one, full of unexpected twists; but, when you have a professional team on your side they can help take the bite out of each task and give you goosebumps of excitement rather than fear.

Read on, as we take a stab at confronting the 3 scariest things about video content production:

product videos1. Your Blood Curdles Over Budget

Probably the most hair-raising concern for our clients is budget. Budget needs to be utilized to the fullest potential to create a high-quality piece of video content that performs well.

We’ve written many posts about budget and cost in the past, and have even summed it up in a video. But, there’s no way around it: Exploring budget takes a conversation (or two) with a video production expert.

It can help to consider these questions before you reach out:

  • What is your budget range? You may not know an exact number, but you can surely gauge whether your budget is under 10k, 20-30k or 200k!
  • What basic criteria are you trying to achieve? Number of videos, Video length.
  • How do you plan to use the video? Will you be sharing it to social media, using it on a website, or putting an ad spend behind it?
  • What do you want it to achieve? Increased sales, increase event attendance, support existing customers?

If you’re already feeling apprehensive, I recommend confronting your fear head-on and reaching out to an expert who can discuss everything with you and explain your options. It’s the most direct way to understanding the possibilities and potential for your video content.

video production services2. You’re Petrified About Proving ROI

Worrying about ROI is a completely legitimate fear, but one that can be slayed. During the budgeting and creative development process, a video marketing expert can help identify the best opportunities for reaping a return on your investment.

Today, there are so many tools available for measuring the performance of a video. And there are a number of tools and measurements built into platforms and sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and more.

My best advice for confronting this fear is identify very specific ghouls, I mean goals, that can be measured using video analytics and KPI’s (key performance indicators). To learn more, check out this post, How To Apply S.M.A.R.T. Goals To Your Video Marketing Strategy.

And remember, your marketing strategies should never be a one-and-done. You’ve got to test it, measure it, and move forward with improvement!

video marketing3. You’re Trembling Over Your Timeline

We’ve all been there: everything’s going along just fine, and all of a sudden (insert lightning flash and scream sound) you realize you need to produce some new video content at the eleventh hour!

Don’t freeze in terror, because incredible things are possible with the right attitude and the right team. While it’s important to hire a team that has technical expertise and comes highly recommended, it’s also crucial to work with a team that’s lean and mean and can slash all the deadweight from the production process.

You can even partner with a video content production company so that they are on-call to be your production resource on an ongoing basis. They can build a footage library relevant to your business, and can dig into your footage and produce a piece of video content whenever you need it.

I hope I’ve been able to exorcise some of your deepest video content production fears, so that your next project brings you a supernatural level of success!


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